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Revealing mistake: When Sonny is on the payphone, you can see Julian mouthing something to the guy on the payphone behind Adam. The guy is giving him instructions.

Continuity mistake: When Karin is in the grocery store, and puts an ice pack on Julian's hand, it is with the back facing up, but when it cuts back, the bag is facing with the front up.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny knocks out the delivery guy and he tries to wake him up, he pats him on his pants. When the camera zooms in, his pants are black and white (checkered). The next shot, he's wearing khaki pants.

Revealing mistake: In the surprise party scene for Sonny at Hooters, Layla is holding a real baby and then you see her holding a baby doll. It is very obvious because there is a huge size difference between the two, and the "real" baby's head was always shown.

Continuity mistake: While Adam Sandler is on the phone explaining about the kid, the pinball behind him (Space Shuttle) turns on and off. (00:11:00)

Continuity mistake: When Adam is in the park watching for roller bladers to miss the turn and crash, he places a stick in the path and the 3rd skater trips on it. When the skater falls, he ends up in the water and after he strikes the water you can see that the large flat rock on his left begins to move and bob around in the wake of the water.

Continuity mistake: When Julian and Sonny are at the park and Sonny is asking Julian if he likes his name, Julian's right backpack shoulder strap goes from under his coat to over his coat with each shot.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny is putting milk into the lotion bottle, to make it easier for Julian to get milk into his cereal, in one shot the bowl is heaping full with cereal and in the next shot the cereal in the bowl is level. (01:03:30)

Continuity mistake: When Adam Sandler and the kid are walking to McDonald's, the people walking in the background are constantly changing as the shots change.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny and Julian are watching the roller-bladers in the park, when we see a shot from behind Julian, his head is facing forwards. The very next shot, he is looking sideways.

Joe Mc

Revealing mistake: When Sandler is talking to the kid, they are passing through the Greenwich Village area. In the next shot, they are walking in front of a "clock building" (one side has the numbers 1-12 and 0-59). This building is located on John Street in the financial district, which is over 2 miles away.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny and Julian are in the park, Julian's backpack is facing one way. Then it cuts to Julian playing with Scuba Steve in a puddle, and in the background, the backpack faces another way. It cuts back to Sonny and the backpack is facing the 1st direction again.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny and Julian are in the super market the things in Sonny's trolley keep changing - first he has ketchup. then Pringles, then ketchup again.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny bribes the homeless guy to stop talking, the homeless guy asks for a Sausage McMuffin. When Sonny returns from being rejected at McDonald's, the homeless guy asks 'Where's my Egg McMuffin?'.

Continuity mistake: When the kid is making cereal and spills the milk, it runs between Adam Sandler's legs. In the next shot when he's cleaning the milk the puddle is not where it was before, it's all in one spot.

Continuity mistake: During the Kangaroo song when Julian pukes it first lands in a long stretched splash. Next shot it is wide and splattered.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny, Julian, and the two gay guys are in the park eating, the gay guy on the left (in the grey sweatshirt) is holding a bag of potato chips in his lap. First you can see the front of the bag, then the camera cuts to another shot, and when it returns, the back of the bag shows. This occurs many times in this scene.

Continuity mistake: When Julian and Sonny are tying his shoe laces, you can see his trousers are navy. In the next scene going to McDonalds his trousers are blue.

Sonny: Hey! You just made the biggest mistake of your life, baby. I know you're gunna be missing me when you have that big, white, wrinkly body on you with his loose skin and old balls... gross! Ugh.

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Trivia: In the court scene at the end of the movie, the opposing lawyer is Steven Brill, director of Little Nicky and Mr Deeds, other Adam Sandler films. Plus the guy who Sandler "trick or treats" is Dennis Dougan, director of Happy Gilmore, another Sandler film.

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Question: Which twin is playing the part of Julian when he is getting taken away from Sonny?

Answer: Cole.

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