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Corrected entry: If Sonny works at a toll booth one day a week, how does he shop at "Barney's", have an extra swimsuit, with oxygen tank, and have an extremely big apartment?

Correction: Sonny was hit by a taxi cab and sued and he's living off the profits

Correction: That's actually his drama teacher from the Lee Strasberg Institute at New York University, not his middle school math teacher.

Corrected entry: Why does Adam Sandler, when leaving Vanessa's house, while saying the old balls line, exit through the hallway that leads to the bathroom and not the door he came in to the house by?

Correction: The hallway with the bathroom is the same hallway to the entrance door. The bathroom door is on the other side.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sonny gets hit by the car you can see he is in pain. In the next scene, he is up and unhurt. Wouldn't he still be in pain?

Correction: I think that Sonny wasn't actually in much pain when the car hit him. The car was going very slowly. Perhaps he was pretending he was in more pain than he was, because that is what his little friend wanted?

Corrected entry: In the final courtroom scene Karin acts surprised when Kevin Garretty says he is the father but they say many times that Kevin Garretty is the father in the courtroom while Karin is listening.

Correction: It is NEVER ACTUALLY said that Kevin is the dad. They all assume because the women wrote the note saying so, and Kevin can't even remember his mom, let alone convivicng him. When he does remember, he tells everyone the story, the judge then says "Pending on a blood test that will clarify this matter."

Corrected entry: When Julian and Sonny are in the park when the Punk rock guy walks by, Sonny mentions to the guy that he apparently hates his dad. When the guy continues to walk away from the camera, you can see he's not talking but apparently is saying about how he "hates his dad".

Correction: Sonny is mocking him/making fun of him and is the one actually saying "I hate my father" and the punk guy walks away.

Corrected entry: When Rob Schneider is watching Julian as Adam Sandler is away "being scuba Sam", Julian is jumping on the couch to the Kangaroo Song. In the very next shot, you can see Julian jumping on the bed. Then in the next shot, he is jumping on the couch and hitting Schneider on the head.

Correction: The point of this scene was to exaggerate how excited Julian gets while watching this video, not to actually chronicle the events of that time.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: During the bedtime story scene the Scuba Steve doll starts out on the left side of Julian's head. When Layla picks it up to kiss it goodnight it is on the right side of his head.

Correction: Scuba Steve is on the left of Julian throughout the scene.

Corrected entry: The film makes reference to the kid being conceived in Toronto when the Jays won the 1992 Series. But in '92, the Jays won the series in Atlanta - they won the 1993 Series in Toronto (against the Phillies).

Correction: Just because the Jays won in Atlanta doesn't mean people weren't watching in Toronto.

Continuity mistake: When Sonny knocks out the delivery guy and he tries to wake him up, he pats him on his pants. When the camera zooms in, his pants are black and white (checkered). The next shot, he's wearing khaki pants.

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Sonny: Hey! You just made the biggest mistake of your life, baby. I know you're gunna be missing me when you have that big, white, wrinkly body on you with his loose skin and old balls... gross! Ugh.

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Trivia: In the court scene at the end of the movie, the opposing lawyer is Steven Brill, director of Little Nicky and Mr Deeds, other Adam Sandler films. Plus the guy who Sandler "trick or treats" is Dennis Dougan, director of Happy Gilmore, another Sandler film.

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Question: Which twin is playing the part of Julian when he is getting taken away from Sonny?

Answer: Cole.

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