Rock Star

Corrected entry: When they're trying to give the impression that time is passing fast, by showing dates while Izzy sings, one of the dates reads November 31, but there's no such date. November has only 30 days.

Correction: Although it's difficult to spot, the date actually changes over from "November 30" to "December 1", with the "1" first appearing on screen for a quarter of a second before the "November" changes over to "December" and the "3" lingering for about half a second before it disappears. You could easily also say that the date goes from "December 31" to "December 1", but that would also be wrong. It's just the manner in which the on-screen grapic counts up the days. Not a mistake


That is incorrect I paused the movie and it says Nov 31 1985.

Corrected entry: During Izzy's first performance, at the end of the first song when the pyro goes off on stage, a camera on a crane can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. (00:52:05)

Robert Calvin

Correction: It's not uncommon for rock concerts to be filmed by documentary crews, for use in upcoming music videos, documentaries or other movies about the band. Footage from these are even used on TV news the same day as the concert. As such, there is nothing wrong with a camera being present.


Corrected entry: When Kirk invites Chris to L.A., he tells him there's a ticket waiting for him at the airport. Then they hang up the phone, but Kirk didn't say which airport, which airline, or what time the flight leaves. And somehow Chris makes it to L.A. with no problem.

Correction: How many airports are in Chris' hometown, and which would handle flights to LA? Some airports only handle local and regional flights. Also, it's probable that Chris called the airport to find if they actually HAD a reservation for him sometime between hanging up the phone, getting packed, picking up Emily, etc before going to the airport.

Corrected entry: In the scenes where the "woman" is seducing Whalberg's character, you can tell that she is a woman because she has a very skinny neck with no Adam's apple. Yet in the hotel we are led to believe that she is a man because she is urinating standing up. Maybe they should have found a real transexual to play the part.

Correction: Some transsexuals go so far as to have their Adam's Apple surgically reduced. I've seen a few on television with no Adam's Apple during programs such as Maury Povich.

Corrected entry: During Izzy's first concert as the Steel Dragons lead man, when he recovers from his fall he goes over and starts singing next to Kirk, stage right. Just after he fingers the former lead singer's fans in the audience, he goes off stage to wipe the blood from his forehead. From that stage right camera angle, you now see Jorgen standing where Kirk and Izzy just were, and Kirk is now playing on stage left.

Correction: The guys in the band could easily have been moving while Chris was walking offstage.

Corrected entry: Another song that's out of place is AC/DC's "Are You Ready", which was released in 1990.

Correction: A movie's soundtrack doesn't necessarily play ONLY music available at the time the movie was to take place. The music is meant to set the tone and mood for the movie, unless specifically stated, not usually meant to be a documentary. Example: We Will Rock You by Queen was not available in the Middle Ages as seen in 'A Knight's Tale.'

Corrected entry: In the scene where the old singer reveals he is gay, he mentions that someone called 'Kim' in a song is actually a guy. This suggests to us that he wrote the lyrics to this song (none of the other members are gay as there are four girls in the car with Jennifer Aniston, one for each member) yet later in the movie, Kirk says 'AC and I write the songs' and 'It's the Steel Dragon thing'.


Correction: Kirk could have mean that "NOW AC and I write the songs," since they obviously don't think of Chris as anything more than a singer-for-hire. Bobby could have shared the job while he was in the group, or could have just written that one song.


Corrected entry: When Izzy is singing in the booth right after the discusion over who writes the songs, the second time "Reckless" is started, the intro is shorter. The drums start sooner than the first time and so do the guitars.

Correction: Kirk says something like, "We'll start it from just before the intro finishes", they wouldn't have wanted to play the whole intro again because it's so long.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Izzy first joins the band and has his photos taken the photographer calls out Mark (as in Wahlberg) instead of Izzy.

Correction: The photographer does not say "Mark". I have listend to it over and over. It slighty sounds like it, but that is not what he says.

Corrected entry: In the credits/soundtrack listing the song 'Let's get Rocked' is shown 'written by Kenneth Collen, Joseph Elliott, Robert John Lange and Richard Savage, and performed by Def Leppard.' The first name listed is incorrect; it should read Phil Collen, not Kenneth.

Correction: Phil Collen's middle name is Kenneth. It looks more like an oversight than a full-out mistake since his writing credits often list his name as "Phillip Kenneth Collen."

Corrected entry: In one of the concerts, a guitarist gives Mark a drink of water. Mark throws it up and it lands on the ground, on its side. But when it shows the next few shots of Mark, it's on the stage behind him sitting straight up.

Correction: Bands have stage hands that keep water bottles filled, switch out guitars and give the band members towels, etc. Many times they sneak on and off stage without being noticed. Maybe a stagehand replaced the empty bottle with a full one.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Chris and his band go to the concert, they are in the front standing next to the stage. However, when the camera cuts to show the entire audience, different people are standing where Chris and his band were. From that view, Chris and his band are not even in the audience.

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Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager: Whatever twirls your beanie baby.

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Trivia: The drummer of Steel Dragon was played by Jason Bonham, son of John Bonham, the late drummer of Led Zeppelin.

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