Rock Star

Trivia: The drummer of Steel Dragon was played by Jason Bonham, son of John Bonham, the late drummer of Led Zeppelin.


Trivia: In one part of the ending credits, you can hear a song called 'Good Vibrations' which is from Mark Wahlberg's 90's band, 'Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch'.

Trivia: The references to Rock Star being base on the real life break up of the band Judas Priest throughout the film are numerous....Most notably in the montage of Chris Cole's life on the road with Steel Dragon he appears on the cover of 'Metal God' magazine several times. 'Metal God' was originally slated to be the title of the film which you can see on the "take" clicker during the outtakes while the movie's credits start to roll. Former Priest frontman Rob Halford is commonly referred to as the 'Metal God'. Halford was unceremoniously dumped from Judas Priest in the early 90s' for deciding to go public with the fact he was gay. Bobby Beers, Steel Dragon's first frontman in the movie, was kicked out of the band for amongst other reasons, being gay.

Trivia: When the credits are rolling on the film, they show outtakes from filming the movie. In one of them, they are getting ready to shoot a concert scene, and when they yell "Action" to cue the music, instead of a Steel Dragon song coming up, they play a trick on Mark Wahlberg and play "Good Vibrations" from Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch. Pretty funny to see the look on Mark's face.

Trivia: The guitarist in Steel Dragon is played by Zakk Wylde, former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and frontman for Black Label Society. He's very hard to recognise without his infamous beard.

Trivia: At the end of the movie, Mark Wahlberg hears a guy in the audience screaming louder than he is, reminiscent of an earlier scene. He then pulls that guy out of the audience to sing for the rest of the concert cause he's leaving the stage/band. That audience member is played by Myles Kennedy, current singer for Alter Bridge and Slash.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Chris and his band go to the concert, they are in the front standing next to the stage. However, when the camera cuts to show the entire audience, different people are standing where Chris and his band were. From that view, Chris and his band are not even in the audience.

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Rob: Dude, I just keep putting this shit on until I want to fuck myself.

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Question: Does anyone know how old Chris is meant to be in the film?

Answer: He is meant to be maybe in his early to mid 20's.

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