Young Frankenstein

Continuity mistake: When Frau Bluecher is talking to the Monster for the first time, she puts her hand on his head. In a closeup shot of the Monster's face her hand and arm are missing.

Continuity mistake: After Dr. Frankenstein dismisses the class, a black female student sitting in front of Herr Falkstein is already standing, readying to leave, but the next shot of her shows her just getting up from her chair.


Continuity mistake: After the monster has been given the sedative, Dr. Frankenstein collapses into a chair with Inga behind him and Igor by his right side. The next shot shows Igor gone and Inga running into the frame asking if the Doctor is all right.


Continuity mistake: When Frau Blucher announces that Victor was her boyfriend, she is alone in front of "the works" electrical panel, but the next shot shows the monster right next to her when he becomes frightened by the sparks thrown off by the electrical panel.

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Continuity mistake: During Inspector Kemp's visit at the Frankenstein manor, Frankenstein is playing darts while he is having his conversation with Kemp. He throws the first dart at the bottom 10, but by the time he throws the second dart at 7, the first dart he threw at 10 is now at the bottom of 18. (00:56:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Frankenstein, Inga, and Igor meet Frau Blucher in the castle's main room, Igor is several feet behind Inga, but the next shot of the group shows him immediately behind her.


Continuity mistake: When the blind man serves soup, there's a spoon in a cube on the left skewed to the right. A couple seconds later it's straight.

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Continuity mistake: The blind man reaches for the cigars, and when the angle changes, half a second later, the broken pieces of the mug have changed position and have also increased and suddenly appear scattered all over the table.

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Continuity mistake: As he's about to depart at the train station, Friedrich leans in to try and kiss Elizabeth good-bye. He's mere inches from her nose when the shot cuts, at which point he's suddenly standing more than a foot away from her. (00:16:00)

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Continuity mistake: Frankie arrives at the door of the blind man, who welcomes him. Then there's a close-up of the monster from a bit far away where you can see his shirt and head as if he were alone; however, a frame later the blind man is right next to him, his head almost touching the monster's.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Inga, Fredrick and Igor throw the net over the monster, Inga sticks the syringe of the sedative in the monster's back but does not push down on the top, yet the monster still falls over. A few seconds later when she collapses on the monster, you can see all of the fluid inside spray out. (01:12:05)

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Inga: Dr. Fronkensteen! Are you all right?
Fredrick Frankenstein: MY NAME...IS FRANKENSTEIN!

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Trivia: The Laboratory equipment is the same equipment used in the original Frankenstein.

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