The World is Not Enough

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the doctor is telling the staff of MI6 about Renard, she says the bullet is moving through the medulla oblongata which is located in the neck below the left ear. However, Renard was shot in the head above his eyebrow, and in the hologram, it shows the bullet was moving straight into the middle of his brain.

Continuity mistake: In the ski-scene, Bond and Elektra start well above the tree line. Even when they stop to look at a stretch of the pipeline they are obviously high above the treeline. At the instant the motorgliders appear they are well below the treeline.

Factual error: When James Bond and Christmas Jones were in the pipeline, they were going at great speed, so when the robot explodes, why does the explosion suddenly stop?

Dr Wilson

Factual error: When Bond is in the little boat and nosedives it underwater to avoid whatever it was he was avoiding, he appears to be travelling at fairly high speed. With no windshield (or such a small one), the force of the water hitting him in the face should have knocked his head off or at least broken his neck.

Character mistake: Why is Electra using Windows 2000 (still in beta at the time) to survey her oil empire? (I think it's just after she's asked M to come and help her) You shouldn't use beta software for anything important....

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the end when the sub explodes, you see the hull split in two and the propeller drops away. But you do not see the prop shaft.

Other mistake: The security monitor in Valentin's office shows a cinematic wide shot of the casino with the camera moving. It seems unlikely that a CCTV camera would be mounted to a crane to perform elegant moves like this. (00:43:55)

Factual error: Bond fires two torpedoes against the other speed boat on the Thames. They both hit, but in the next clip only the rear end of the boat is burning slightly. That must be some very weak torpedoes if a fiberglass boat is not completely destroyed by them.

Jacob La Cour

Deliberate mistake: The currency conversion program Bond uses to convert GBP into USD only has fields for a 7 figure amount. That's rather small for an organisation like MI6.

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: When Bond is talking with Zuckovsky in the casino, you can see a television set behind them with images from a security camera. You can tell it's the same footage used in the shot before showing people in the casino, only played again on the television.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When Bond shoots Renard in Kazakstan the bullet hits Renard's arm. Later when Renards is moving towards the elevator you can clearly see that his arm is undamaged.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the whole boat scene, Bond's little speedboat has a roof on it, but, when he goes up the ramp to jump onto the hot air balloon, the roof is gone so he can jump out. When did it come off?

Continuity mistake: When Elektra and Renard meet again in Istanbul and he hands her the plutonium and they stand face to face, there is a classic mis-edit: in the closeup - she looks down towards her hands holding the item then the camera directly cuts to a broader view and she's looking up at him.

Continuity mistake: When the pipe blows up, why does it blow up in three sections at the same time? Also, I might be wrong, but when we see the explosion it looks like a straight section of pipe, but when Bond and Jones are walking around afterwards, it's clearly a curved section that blew up.

Revealing mistake: When Bond goes skiing with Electra to check the pipe lines, in one scene you can see ski tracks in front of the pair. They could be from previous line inspections, but surely they would have been snowed over? That area doesn't look like a popular ski resort....

Continuity mistake: When James Bond attacks the man at the casino bar, he stabs his tie on the board. There's a shot where you can see the knife stuck in the board, but the tie has disappeared.

Dr Wilson

Audio problem: When Bond is sliding on the chains after Renard has activated the bomb at the test site he shouts, "Slam the door. Close it." The second part of what he says doesn't quite match his mouth's movements. (01:04:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bond has the X-ray specs he looks at a man who has a pistol and a knife in his pockets to the left, and over his right shoulder is a semi-automatic pistol. He confronts the man and both the knife and pistol are taken out, but the semi isn't seen again.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Bond is at the caviar factory at one point he takes a tumble down a set of wooden stairs. As Bond falls down the stairs we see the actor's face and it is obviously a stunt double.

James Bond: Construction isn't exactly my speciality.
M: Quite the opposite, in fact.

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Trivia: In the opening sequence with the speed boat jetting through the boat house and over the road was filmed in Wapping, East London. It took a week to film that one sequence as I saw them doing it. Also, for the matter of continuity, when the boat goes across the road, it goes into some sort of alley with an arch above it; in reality it's actually a Group 4 building on the other side of that road.


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Question: When Bond first enters Zukovsky's casino, there's a tune playing on a saxophone in the background. Can anyone make out what tune it is? It sounds really familiar.

Answer: It's a variation on the "standard" James Bond theme.

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