The Warriors

Visible crew/equipment: When The Warriors are running down the centre of the street (heading to the train station) as they are chased by the Turnbull AC's in their bus, on the left of this shot you can briefly see two crew members wearing yellow jackets standing next to some lighting equipment for the scene. (00:24:47)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: Swan tears a piece of the girl's skirt to make the fuse for the Molotov Cocktail, but her skirt is never shown to have a tear in it after that scene.

Continuity mistake: When the 'Punks' first come into the bathroom looking for the 'Warriors', there is a panning, establishing shot of the whole bathroom. All three of the big mirrors in the bathroom are already broken, and the only thing left of them is the dark-colored backing material hanging on the wall. As the fight breaks out, several of the gang members are subsequently thrown against now-unbroken mirrors, shattering them dramatically.

Continuity mistake: When Swan throws his baseball bat at the cops knees in the train station, the cop falls forward with his hat still on. A few seconds later the cop's hat has somehow gotten behind him. (00:56:10)

Continuity mistake: In the Coney Island scene near the end of the movie, where the car that The Rogues are tailing The Warriors in stops, in the background shot you can see that the elevated boardwalk adjacent to the car is located about the same level as the roof of the car, and is ascending upwards towards the front of the car. In the next scene with a closeup of Luther clinking the bottles in his hand, the boardwalk is all of a sudden located much lower at the car seat level and is now descending downwards towards the front of the car.

Other mistake: The Rogues stop to make a phone call at a candy store. The meeting in the Bronx was at midnight so it's got to be 2 or 3am. What on earth is a candy store with a little girl working there doing open at that time with nobody on the streets?


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene right before the Warriors do battle with the Punks, they meet on the landing, and when they are about to go off you can see a blue sneaker and pant leg next to the pillar on the right side.

Continuity mistake: In the Coney Island scene the sky is clear and sunny when the Warriors and Rouges are talking, overcast when the Riffs appear, sunny when the Riffs jump the Rouges and overcast as the Warriors walk the beach.

Revealing mistake: In the subway during the struggle between Fox and the cop, you can notice the stunt double in action instead of Fox.


Other mistake: In the park scene where the Warriors are fighting the baseball Furies, the Warriors land many punches to the faces of the Furies who are wearing some sort of make up, but none of the Warriors have any make up on their fists after the fight.


Factual error: In the scene showing the exterior of the "96 Street" subway station (at Broadway), the building shown is the 72 St station with the number changed from 72 to 96.

Visible crew/equipment: Just after Luther accuses the Warriors of killing Cyrus, and Cleon is killed, there is a panning shot of all the gangs escaping and at the very right edge of the screen you can see a camera and its operator filming. (00:14:34)

Jack Vaughan

Other mistake: The gang gets separated after an intense cop chase through the subway station and Cochise, Rembrandt, Vermin escape aboard a train and end up in Union Square. The guys step out onto the corridor to an empty platform, as Rembrandt comments that nobody has shown up. Vermin then grins and says "Something else just showed up!' as a gang of girls suddenly appears, standing by a stairwell, that wasn't there, across the tracks, in the same direction. (00:50:50 - 00:51:55)


Factual error: In the opening sequence highlighting the journey made on the subway; it ends with them riding the 5 Train to the end of the line in The Bronx. This would place them next to Pelham Bay Park on the Northeast corner of The Bronx. However, it is believed that the meeting took place in Van Cortland Park on the Northwest corner of the Bronx. If the meeting were held in Van Cortland Park they would have taken the 1/9 Train (s) which end at 242nd St. and Broadway right outside of Van Cortland Park. The 5 Train station would be about a 15 minute cab-ride from Van Cortland Park; and they didn't take any cabs, and they sure didn't walk that distance either.

Other mistake: At the end when the Rogues show up to see if the Warriors want to play, Swan says he'll lead them to the sand. He asks the rest of the crew if they're all packed, and when Snow asks the same, Swan pulls out a switchblade. Where did he get it? They were supposed to be unarmed when they headed up to the Bronx. If he broke the rules and had it the whole night, I would think he might have pulled it earlier while bopping his way back to Coney.

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Suggested correction: Swan didn't have the switchblade on him all night, they're back in their home turf and he had a knife that he retrieved when they got back to Coney Island.

Continuity mistake: The girl hanging with the Warriors is wearing high heels, but when she is running from the police through the 96th St. station with Swan, she is wearing sneakers.

Continuity mistake: When Ajax is face to face with the Baseball Fury, the Fury extends his arm and the bat sides down to the handle. From the back angle, he is choked down a little on the bat grip. There is space between his hand and the knot on the bottom of the bat grip. They then show the front angle where his hand is all the way down at the bottom of the grip area. They again show the back angle, and he one again is choked down a little on the grip.


Other mistake: When Cyrus is shot by Luther, leader of the Rogues, he is shown at the wide angle, as slumping backward by the force of the shot. But in the following shot, unrealistically 'busts' backwards through the wooden platform behind him. Purely for dramatic cinematic purposes, when he should have just slumped to the floor.

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Continuity mistake: Towards the end, before Luther uses the bottles to call the Warriors, they park beside a ramp which changes side between shots.


Continuity mistake: While Fox is struggling with the cop at the subway, in one second they are on the edge but in the next one now they are like one foot away.


Fox: We're not going to hide who we are just because some whore shakes her ass.

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Trivia: In the scene were Mercy claims to have stolen the coat because the cops are looking for somebody in a pink top, she actually had to wear the coat to cover a cast on her wrist which she broke while being pulled by Fox in the 96th street station chase just before Fox's sad departure.

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Question: Why are the gang members so spread out? I know there was the truce but surely they would he wary of anything going wrong? I know they needed to show off the different gangs but you will see one member of a gang in the middle of 4-5 members of the same gang, surely people would be more cautious than this.


Answer: There was a truce, but just in case you want different members in different parts of the crowd to see all angels and all exits in case of something. You plan if something goes wrong where everybody will be.

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