Beauty and the Beast

Continuity mistake: When the Beast is waiting for Belle to come to dinner, there is a fireplace with statues of lions on either sides and a pillow next to one of them. However, a few seconds later, the pillow is now in front of the statue.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Maurice's Rube Goldberg-ish woodcutting invention works for the first time, we see the piece of wood fly over onto the stack. There is no window there or anything made of glass for that matter, yet in the next shot we hear glass breaking from the wood flying over there.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the Provincial Life song, Gaston is singing from among the crowd and he doesn't have his gun. He climbs up the side of the building without his gun, but when he pops out of the window onto the roof he has his gun. When he pops in front of Belle on the street, the gun is gone again. (00:07:05)

Audio problem: During the scene near the end when the enchanted objects are fighting Gaston's gang, there is a close-up of a pot landing on a guy's head and then starts banging on it. The clanging sounds we hear do not match with what we see.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening song sequence, there are three blonde girls singing about Gaston next to a water pump. But in a front shot of Gaston walking through the city as they sing, it is a barrel, not a pump, that they are gathered around.

Continuity mistake: When Maurice first enters the castle you can see that the carpet leading to the staircase is very long. When Belle enters the carpet is shorter.

Continuity mistake: All along the asylum keeper scene, the amount of snow on the railing at Belle's home keeps increasing, decreasing and vanishing randomly.

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Continuity mistake: After rescuing his father, Belle passes a cloth around his body and finally rests her hand on his father's chest. A shot later she is placing her arm on his back and the cloth is gone.

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Continuity mistake: After Belle leaves the castle, rescues her father, and takes him home, snow suddenly appears on the stone steps to the house.

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Continuity mistake: After Beast lets Belle run away there's an aerial angle of her horseback riding and Beast howling with both gates open. In the close-up the right door is closed.

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Continuity mistake: Beast transforms into human and says "Belle, it's me." As of then his hairstyle changes in every shot: First it's long and falling behind his shoulder. Then it partially covers his right chest, and when Belle caresses his face his hair is tucked inside his shirt.

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Continuity mistake: After Beast becomes human he flies, then falls and once on the floor check the right side of his leg touching the stone floor. When the angle changes his shroud is now covering the floor.

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Continuity mistake: When Lumiere becomes human the marble columns and golden ribbons by the wooden lattice disappear.

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Continuity mistake: When Lumiere becomes human the roses behind swap from light pink coloured to dark pink and red.

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Continuity mistake: When Beast finds Belle in the West Wing room he shouts and she backs up to a nearly destroyed wardrobe, but in the next shot the style of the wardrobe behind her has changed and it's in perfect condition.

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Continuity mistake: When Belle opens the door to the kitchen there is no shelf on the wall beside the door, but in following shots one has suddenly appeared with items on it and more things hanging underneath, which changes when Cogsworth lands in the bowl.

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Beast: I want to do something for her - but what?
Cogsworth: Oh there's the usual things. Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep.

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Trivia: When Gaston has his feet on the table at Belle's house, a bit of the mud strongly resembles Mickey Mouse's head. This follows the long standing Disney tradition of having "hidden Mickeys" in their movies.

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Answer: In the prologue, it states that the Beast must find true love by his 21st birthday, and that he had been cursed for ten years, so since his relationship with Belle takes place as the deadline approaches, he must have been 10 when he was cursed.

Answer: I think the prince was 11 when he was cursed.

Answer: He must have been in his teens at least, his portrait that he shreds was not of a 11 year old.

Answer: He is 11. 21 by first love '10 years we've been rusting'. (Be Our Guest). So, he was 11 due to the flower above to lose all petals.

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