Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Other mistake: Over a car radio, KHJ's Robert W. Morgan is heard giving the weather forecast. The predicted high is "95 downtown, 105 in the valley." The scene takes place in the middle of winter, February 9, 1969.

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Factual error: The Cielo address is mentioned in the movie as being in Hollywood. It was actually in the Benedict Canyon section of Beverly Hills, several miles away from Hollywood.

Other mistake: When Cliff picks up Pussycat off the street, he mentions about picking her up on Burbank Blvd to take her to Chatsworth. This entire route would start and end in the San Fernando Valley, but when the journey begins, they enter the 101 freeway from Hollywood Blvd (nearly 10 miles away from anywhere near the route).

Continuity mistake: When Sharon walks into the theatre Joe Nameth and Ann Margaret's names appear twice in the movie playing. (01:07:00)

Continuity mistake: While Cliff punches the hippie guy the sun changes between shots.


Factual error: Pitt rides a triumph motorcycle which has a disk brake fitted to the front wheel. Disk brakes were not released on the market, for any motorcycle manufacturer until 1973. This film is set in 1969. The motorcycle would have been fitted with a drum front brake.

Other mistake: George is blind but when talking to Cliff and telling Cliff he is touched that he came by to visit, George hits Cliff's left shoulder with his fist, a nice direct hit.

Factual error: Most of the eyewear used has anti glare coating on the lenses, not used until the early 80's.

Factual error: Pandora's Box is shown as part of a driving montage, but Pandora's Box was demolished in 1967, two years before the 1969 setting of the movie.

Deliberate mistake: After dropping Rick off at the set, we see Cliff driving his car back to the house to fix the antenna. View forward from inside the car, the rearview mirror is obviously missing. The next scene, outside with the car coming toward you, the rearview mirror magically reappears.

Factual error: Rick Dalton, relaxing on a float in his swimming pool, tunes his radio to 93 FM. A KHJ jingle is heard but KHJ was 930 AM. The station at 93.1 FM in 1969 was KNX-FM.

Steven Lee

Factual error: In the parking lot near the start, there is a blue VW Super Beetle with a curved windshield. The curved windshield debuted on the Super Beetle in 1973. This film is set in 1969. (00:14:58)

Factual error: In a scene taking place Sunday, February 9, 1969, KHJ's Robert W. Morgan is heard on the car radio. Morgan hosted a Monday-to-Friday morning show. He never worked on Sunday.

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Factual error: Sharon Tate walks past a theater sign that shows the film Pendulum is playing. This movie is set in February of 1969, but that movie did not come out in the US until March of 1969.

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Factual error: When Cliff is driving home on the freeway, just before he takes the off-ramp, a numbered exit sign is visible. California did not adopt numbered exits until 2002.

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Factual error: On the Hollywood 101 freeway, concrete "K" rails can be seen in the center divider. In 1969, the older steel rails were still in use in California.

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Revealing mistake: As Cliff walks his dog down the street, and out of camera view, the hippies' car headlights can already be seen reflected in the back end panel of the parked car along the street (waiting for their cue). The car headlights are fixed, as the car stands still "parked" for several moments before pulling into frame when Cliff exits stage right.


Factual error: In the beginning of the film, an aerial shot shows Cliff and Rick pulling out of a studio parking lot. The lines in the lot are yellow double lines between spaces. They didn't use that type of striping in parking lots in the 1960's. The parking lot striping was white with single stripes in between spaces.

Cliff Booth: Hey! You're Rick fucking Dalton, don't you forget it.

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Trivia: The director of one of Rick's Italian films is "Antonio Margheriti". That's also the alias Donny Donowitz uses in Inglorious Basterds.

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