Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Continuity mistake: During his conversation with the director, while discussing his costuming, Dalton's hair changes from messy and curled to gelled up and straight.

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Suggested correction: The cut is intentional, and meant to show passage of time.

Continuity mistake: ***SPOILER ALERT*** Towards the end of the film, when one of the Manson Family members falls into the pool, we see the water turn red with blood. When Dalton comes back with the flamethrower, the water is clear.


Continuity mistake: When crew members are watching the Bruce Lee fight, some are sitting comfortably and enjoying the fight, then right before Bruce gets tossed into the car, suddenly everyone is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Rick Dalton walks out of the saloon eating a chicken wing, he throws it into the street, where it moves around a couple of times from various takes.

Continuity mistake: When Cliff is talking to the hippies about going to see George, the house is on his left side. We can see him from the hippie girl's point of view that is looking from George's house. When he turns and points to George's house, it's on his right hand.

Continuity mistake: When Cliff is talking to George who says he wants to sleep to not bother Squeaky, George has both hands over his tummy, fingers crossed. A shot later his left arm is suddenly by his side.


Continuity mistake: When Rick is talking to the girl on-set, he's smoking. A couple of times his hand is up in one angle, then immediately down in the next, then back.

Jon Sandys

Continuity mistake: When director Sam Wannamaker is talking to Rick, who is sitting in the makeup chair, Rick's hair goes from loosely hanging down on his forehead to suddenly being neatly slicked all the way back without it having been touched.


Continuity mistake: When the Bounty Law credits disappear there's a man with his right leg over his left. Shot changes and now it's the left leg over the right.


Continuity mistake: When Rick is in the pool listening to Snoopy and the Red Baron, his radio is to his right. When the girl crashes through the window, the radio is to his left.

Continuity mistake: When Pussycat is rebuffed from her offer to Cliff to blow him "while driving" she lies down on his lap facing up to him. Between the two camera shots her arm alternates between being out the window or on the arm rest. (02:34:43)

RJ Inkglider

Continuity mistake: When Sharon walks into the theatre Joe Nameth and Ann Margaret's names appear twice in the movie playing. (01:07:00)

Continuity mistake: When Rick scorches the Nazis, the ones behind the table raise their hands and aim their guns. Shot changes, and they're in the previous position, reading a map. Then the one on the right aims his gun, shot changes and his hands are back to lowered, and he's starting to aim his gun again.


Factual error: Twice in the movie a Jumbo Jet (a Boeing 747) from Pan Am appears. The movie is set in 1969, when that plane had its maiden journey, but it wasn't flown commercially until 1970.

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Bruce Lee: My hands are registered as lethal weapons. We get into a fight, I accidentally kill you? I go to jail.
Cliff Booth: Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It's called manslaughter.

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Question: Was it intentional that Joe Namath and Ann Margaret's names were each repeated twice on the screen as Sharon Tate walked into the theatre? (01:08:00)

Answer: Yes, though the intention was not Tarantino's. What is onscreen is the trailer of the (real) 1970 film "C.C. and Company", which starred (as you might have guessed) Joe Namath and Ann-Margret. Said trailer showed their names twice, a stylistic choice that emphasized the film's stars, and Tarantino used the unaltered trailer in the film.

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