Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Other mistake: Rick Dalton's Cadillac has a badly worn steering wheel. In 1969, the car was not old enough to have had that much wear. It should have been painted.

Other mistake: When Cliff fights Bruce the doors are already dented before Bruce gets tossed into them.

Other mistake: Over a car radio, KHJ's Robert W. Morgan is heard giving the weather forecast. The predicted high is "95 downtown, 105 in the valley." The scene takes place in the middle of winter, February 9, 1969.

Steven Lee

Other mistake: When Cliff picks up Pussycat off the street, he mentions about picking her up on Burbank Blvd to take her to Chatsworth. This entire route would start and end in the San Fernando Valley, but when the journey begins, they enter the 101 freeway from Hollywood Blvd (nearly 10 miles away from anywhere near the route).

Other mistake: George is blind but when talking to Cliff and telling Cliff he is touched that he came by to visit, George hits Cliff's left shoulder with his fist, a nice direct hit.

Continuity mistake: When Rick Dalton is talking to Jim Stacy, Jim Stacy's hat reappears on his head. (01:02:42)

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Cliff Booth: Hey! You're Rick fucking Dalton, don't you forget it.

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Trivia: The director of one of Rick's Italian films is "Antonio Margheriti". That's also the alias Donny Donowitz uses in Inglorious Basterds.

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