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Captain Marvel picture

Other mistake: When Vers is using the payphone across from Blockbuster, the phone says it costs 25 cents for a call, but down below there is a big notice on the phone saying effective Nov. 1, 1995 the rate is going up to 25 cents. Trouble is it is June 1995, still five months before the rate change, and yet it already costs 25 cents. (00:25:40)

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker picture

Other mistake: Rey pilots Luke's X-wing to Exegol from Ahch-to. However, the door to Luke's hut on Ahch-to was seen in TLJ to be an X-wing wing. It is even referenced as such in The Last Jedi visual guide which specifically states it's a wing from Luke's fighter. No way to fly it if it's missing a wing, and when it's lifted out of the water we see it has all its wings intact.

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Suggested correction: The novelization explains that Rey repairs the X Wing, saying, "It was old tech, and it had taken some fast thinking and even faster fingers to get it flight worthy - the wing patched with the door to Luke's hut, shield panels scavenged from the TIE wreckage, and a hefty amount of rewiring."

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Child's Play picture

Other mistake: Andy and his friends are watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" in one scene. However, the scenes they watch are completely out of order compared to the actual film.

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Suggested correction: Actually this is simply a movie convention. When kids watch films onscreen, they deliberately only show the best bits of the film as oppose to just playing the film normally. Otherwise it would look dull and pointless.

Gavin Jackson
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The Lion King picture

Other mistake: When Pumba is singing and they show him as a baby warthog farting in the water killing the butterfly, it is actually a baby Red River hog that is portrayed.

Tricia Webster Premium member
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Stuber picture

Other mistake: Vic and Stu get into a shoot out inside the animal hospital with some thugs, guns firing all over the place. The building is full of animals like dogs and cats and parrots. However, the animals stay completely calm and quiet during the entire gun fight and seem unaffected by the rapid, very loud banging of gun fire. Even right after it, a cat that just had it's tail stepped on sits on a dead body and meows like nothing happened. This is completely uncharacteristic of how animals would act to loud gunfire in an enclosed building, especially in a vet's. (00:45:00)

Quantom X Premium member
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Rocketman picture

Other mistake: During one of the recording studio scenes, there's a short segment that shows a bunch of VU (audio level) meters close up. The very first meter in that sequence is not a VU meter. Its from of an old HF (High Frequency) Amateur Radio transceiver; The scale is marked for RF, SWR, and ALC. I'm suspecting that someone involved with the post production editing is a Ham.

Stephanie Donnell
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Avengers: Endgame picture

Other mistake: Scott arrives in the park and sees hundreds of memorials listing people who were killed by Thanos. In the first close-up shot shown of one of the memorials, the name Norbert Lamey can be seen five rows from the top on the right hand side. The camera then pans to Scott walking in front of the memorial to the right of it. The name Norbert Lamey can be seen repeated on the opposite side of the memorial Scott stands in front of. (00:24:25)

Casual Person
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Toy Story 4 picture

Other mistake: When Jessie pops the tire on the RV, Bonnie's dad gets upset and says "I just bought it." Throughout the rest of the film however, he says the RV is a rental.

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Shaft picture

Other mistake: During the restaurant shoot out between Jr and the bad guys, he takes Sasha's weapon (Kel-Tec P-3AT) and opens fire on the bad guys. The Kel-Tec P-3AT is chambered in .380 and holds 6+1 rounds. During the firefight, Jr fires 9 times. We also see the bottom of a spent casing and it shows .22. (01:12:00 - 01:13:00)

Movie Medic
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Hobbs & Shaw picture

Other mistake: Deckard and Hattie were children at the same time, with Deckard appearing to be no more than 3 years older than Hattie. Although Jason Statham is presumably playing a character younger than he actually is, he is still noticeably much older than his on-screen sister. Jason Statham is in fact 21 years older than Vanessa Kirby.

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Suggested correction: And people can age faster than others depending on the stress they've been under.

Ssiscool Premium member
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Godzilla: King of the Monsters picture

Other mistake: When Godzilla emerges from the sea towards the end of the movie, what is he standing on? You can see the submarine at the side of him so the water must be reasonably deep. Then he just swims away. (01:37:15)

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Joker picture

Other mistake: Arthur watches Murray's show in the hospital room, he is able to see himself in the Pogo's Comedy Club performance. Forgetting how very contemporary this whole "viral video of person making a fool out of himself" dynamic is, and how astronomically unlikely it is that there would be taping of some open mike session in a club, it still makes in fact sense that there could be a recording of Arthur's performance, since there is a monitor backstage and in an earlier scene there was a guy with a camera on a tripod far in the back of the room when Arthur was taking notes. But in the video shown during Murray's opening there are 2 different angles of the performance, which are also different from the one show in the monitor backstage. Amateur night with 3 cameramen and a director/editor? Come on. (00:59:50)

Sammo Premium member
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Jumanji: The Next Level picture

Other mistake: In the first movie, everyone exits the game the exact moment they entered, because Alex returns to his time, erasing the 20 years he spent in Jumanji. Spencer got in before the others, Bethany and Alex followed after. They shouldn't exit at the same moment in the timeline.

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Escape Room picture

Other mistake: While in the pool room, Zoey falls off the wall onto a portion of floor that hasn't collapsed yet and loses consciousness. This area is next to the section of floor that collapsed first. Jason jumps down to help Zoey. As he is helping her up, and onto the wall, that section of floor collapses, forcing him to grab the wall to avoid falling 20-ish stories with the floor. As he looks down drop, the section of floor that fell first is amazingly back intact. (00:59:20)

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Ad Astra picture

Other mistake: During the debrief meeting with the generals, Roy states the Lima Project was "some 29 years ago" and "the ship disappeared approximately 16 years into the mission." A few minutes later, Roy narrates "I was 16 when he left, 29 when he disappeared." This of course is only 13 years into the mission. (00:11:27 - 00:15:03)

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Knives Out picture

Other mistake: During the revelation of the second death, when the killer opens the toxicology report they just retrieved, the date is revealed; it says it was issued on 09/27/2018. But the events of the movie happen in November (it's Sunday 18th Nov when Marta wakes up with all the reporters at her door). It should also be noted that when a close-up of the report was shown earlier (when Ransom was looking at the anonymous letter brought by Marta) that copy had a big stamp in a corner saying 11-17-18, that in this copy is totally absent. (01:56:55)

Sammo Premium member
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Let It Snow picture

Other mistake: There is a car chase between a station wagon and a sports car. The sports car hits the rear of the station wagon, hard, but neither car is damaged.

manthabeat Premium member
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Blinded by the Light picture

Other mistake: The lead is loaned cassettes of 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' and 'Born in the USA' by his mate and then quotes a lyric from 'The River' which he hasn't listened to yet.

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Dark Phoenix picture

Other mistake: Despite taking place roughly 30 years after "X-Men: First Class," Xavier and Magneto have hardly even aged. Both would have been in their late 20's at the youngest in "First Class" and in this film neither looks any older than 40. It's not because of their mutant powers either - only Wolverine and Mystique were specifically mentioned as having a slower rate of aging because of their powers.

Phaneron Premium member
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Shazam! picture

Other mistake: Towards the end of the film when they're at the fair, Mary refers to the Sins as "sins", but there is no way she would know that they are sins.

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Suggested correction: If you think about it, Billy shouldn't have known either. However he does posses knowledge of these after he transforms and receives the powers. It is evident that when the other children held the staff and said Shazam to get the powers as well, that it also came with some, at least limited, knowledge of these things.

Quantom X Premium member
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