Other mistake: During one of the recording studio scenes, there's a short segment that shows a bunch of VU (audio level) meters close up. The very first meter in that sequence is not a VU meter. Its from of an old HF (High Frequency) Amateur Radio transceiver; The scale is marked for RF, SWR, and ALC. I'm suspecting that someone involved with the post production editing is a Ham.

Stephanie Donnell

Other mistake: When Elton visits his father late in the film, his half brothers mention that there is a Rolls Royce outside. However, Elton enters a yellow cab when he is leaving the property, and then is shown in the Rolls Royce further down the road.

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Continuity mistake: When Elton and John Reid are kissing in the cupboard John's hand keeps changing between shots. John's hand rolls down Elton's chest, then the next shot it's on Elton's cheek, the next shot he takes his hand away, then the next shot his hand is by Elton's mouth and Elton pretends to bite John's thumb.

Factual error: Elton's family home in Pinner is fitted with double glazing which is visible in the scenes when the cast are dancing outside in the street. Double glazing did not exist in 1950s England.


Continuity mistake: In the underwater scene, there is something in Elton's left nostril; in the next shot, it is not there.

Continuity mistake: When Elton and Bernie sit in the cafe for the first time, the cup is on the right side of the table. In the next cut, it's on the left, and finally in the last cut, returns to the right side of the table.

Continuity mistake: When Elton and Bernie meet at the cafe, when they talk about Streets of Laredo the woman behind swaps from holding a mug to holding toast.

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Continuity mistake: When Dick James shows up in the office for the first time, when Ray stands by the window he disappears from the reflection of his glasses.

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Continuity mistake: On the plane, when Bernie tells Elton he wants some time off he extends his arms. From the opposite angle his right arm is bent.

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Continuity mistake: When Elton plays Crocodile Rock he kicks away the piano bench. Its position changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: The first time Elton is handed an envelope with Bernie's lyrics he grabs it by its end. A shot later he grabs it by the upper part.

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Factual error: When we see Elton John's father Stanley in RAF uniform at the beginning of the film he is wearing other ranks' uniform. Stanley was commissioned in 1944, three years before Elton was born, and served as a commissioned officer until his retirement as a squadron leader in 1963. He should be wearing officer's uniform.


Bernie Taupin: Don't you want to just sing without this ridiculous paraphernalia?
Elton John: People don't pay to see Reg Dwight! They pay to see Elton John! [Storms off, returns seconds later] I'm sorry.
Bernie Taupin: I know.

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Trivia: Taron Egerton sings "I'm still standing" towards the end of the movie. Taron Egerton also sang this in the movie Sing when he portrayed gorilla Johnny.

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