Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Corrected entry: Rick Dalton is listening to his car radio. A "KHJ, Los Angeles" jingle is heard, followed by The Real Don Steele saying "It's 3:31" as a song begins playing. The station identification was always given at the top of the hour, never at half-past, and the KHJ disc jockeys never announced the time when a song began. They gave the time only when a song ended, prior to a commercial break. (01:23:00)

Steven Lee

Correction: Are you sure? I listened to the original aircheck (You can look it up on YT, "The Real Don Steele - Radio Aircheck May 25, 1968" around 31:30 min, and it is the same as in the movie.

You are correct. I just heard the original aircheck. I listened to KHJ a lot in 1968 because my favorite station, KFWB, had switched to an all-news format in March. I didn't recall KHJ ever airing the legal ID at half-past the hour. Obviously they did.

Continuity mistake: When Rick Dalton is talking to Jim Stacy, Jim Stacy's hat reappears on his head. (01:02:42)

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Cliff Booth: Hey! You're Rick fucking Dalton, don't you forget it.

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Trivia: The director of one of Rick's Italian films is "Antonio Margheriti". That's also the alias Donny Donowitz uses in Inglorious Basterds.

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