Terms of Endearment

Continuity mistake: Shirley MacLaine returns to the hotel from tending Debra Winger, who is dying in the hospital. When McLaine enters the motel lobby she is wearing one skirt and blouse outfit, but after stopping to check at the desk and going through a doorway to the pool area, she emerges with a different skirt and blouse outfit on.


Continuity mistake: When Emma and Flap have their last talk in the hospital the curls over her ear change from shot to shot.



Continuity mistake: When Aurora and Emma are drinking tea on Aurora's bed Emma takes a sip. From the way she tilts the cup there should still be a reasonable amount of tea in the cup, but in the next shot she laughs and shakes the cup so hard that whatever was left in the cup would have splashed out.



Continuity mistake: When Breedlove has Aurora over for dinner his wine glass is almost empty when it is shown first. In the next shot it is half full, without having been refilled.



Continuity mistake: When the drunken Breedlove tries to get out of the car he falls forward on the right side on his face. Therefore, he shouldn't have a bloody injury on his left cheek and a black stain on the back of his jacket.



Continuity mistake: When Breedlove comes over to tell Aurora that he wants to quit she rests her chin in in her hand. When she is shown from the side she has both hands down.



Continuity mistake: When Flap comes into the hospital room to talk to Emma for the last time his collar is straight. When he sits on her bed his collar is folded up and stuck under the lapel.



Continuity mistake: When Aurora sees Breedlove off at the airport the cars you see reflected in the window change from shot to shot.



Continuity mistake: When Emma and Patsy talk about her illness you see the NY skyline in the background. First the WTC is fully visible, but from one shot to the next it is half hidden in a huge cloud.



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