Terms of Endearment

Revealing mistake: When Emma is about to have her flu shot, the doctor grabs her arm and says, "You have a lump under your arm." He neither looks nor touches under her arm.

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Suggested correction: Actually if you watch closely the Dr. does indeed touch her arm and actually feels her underarm telling her there is a lump.

Revealing mistake: When Aurora sees Breedlove off at the airport they say good-bye and he walks through the door, which closes after him. After a few seconds she comes back to talk to him once more, and you can see through the tinted glass panes that he had been waiting right behind the door to come out again. (01:44:20)


Factual error: Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson both live in River Oaks (very ritzy neighborhood in Houston) and are traveling to Brennans restaurant in downtown Houston maybe 5-10 miles away - but they go by way of Galveston which is about 45 miles south of Houston - which needless to say is way way out of the way... (00:50:40)

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Emma Horton: Momma, that's the first time I stopped hugging first. I like that.

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