Terms of Endearment

Corrected entry: It is impossible for the middle child, Teddy, to have been Emma and Flap's son. Teddy has big brown eyes. Both parent's have blue eyes. It's genetically impossible for two blue eyed parents to produce a brown eyed child. As far as I'm aware, that's because the brown gene is dominant, so in order to have blue eyes, both genes/chromosomes (long time since biology lessons...) have to be "blue", meaning there are no brown genes to be passed on.

Correction: Eye colour is not a mendelian trait and so is not simply determined by one gene on a chromosome (blood type is, though). Rather, it is a polygenic trait and is controlled by multiple genes on the chromosome. While dominance and recessive plays a part in eye colour determination (or in height or hair colour), blue-eyed parents can produce a brown-eyed child or tall parents a short child or brown-haired parents a blonde child.

Continuity mistake: When Emma and Flap have their last talk in the hospital the curls over her ear change from shot to shot. (01:50:45)


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