Alita: Battle Angel

Character mistake: In her first walk through the city with Dr. Ido, after feeding the dog her sandwich, Alita takes a flyer and reads it. Between the lines that read "Wanted" and "Murder" there is a line in Spanish that says "Querido para el asesinato." It should say "Querido por el asesinato".


Continuity mistake: During the game, Alita disposes of the black cyborg guy with the yellow paint, the same one she met at Kansas. She rips his arm off and uses it to spike the head of the colossal dude with the morning star-like weapon. You could see as the arm was being ripped, that debris and a big metallic piece of scrap were left behind. However, when the 2 next opponents are skating towards Alita making her take off fast, there is no such trace of debris beside the whole body of the guy. (01:33:00)

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Alita: I'd do whatever I had to for you. I'd give you whatever I have. I'd give you my heart.

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