Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Audio problem: When Lenny drives his car into the quarry, the sound of his radio changes depending on where the car is; but when he drives away, suddenly it stays constant. It should have decreased, and increased when we get to the close-up.

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Plot hole: Superman manages to find bricks to rebuild the Great Wall of China. While it's true that he could have created the bricks from stones, the humongous explosions of the wall, and the vast grounds surrounding the area, show that there is no place, no material, and no way even for Superman to create 1,000 bricks from nothing.

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Suggested correction: This is the same Superman that flew around the earth fast enough to reverse time, for all we know the bricks came from the other side of the planet, and he just zipped over there in an instant to grab them.

Junk correction based on assumption, not on what the movie shows.

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Continuity mistake: When the statue of Liberty is about to crash on the street, a close shot is seen of jammed cars and hysterical people. When the shot changes to Superman flying to the rescue, the jam, the cops and the people have disappeared, and all is nice and quiet in Metropolis.

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Continuity mistake: When Lois opens the terrace doors in the hotel suite, the angle changes and the furniture on her right moves several meters to the left, appearing close to Lois.

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Continuity mistake: In the gym, a man leaves a towel on a low wall. Watch the blue and grey stripes and you'll notice that its position is different between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Superman flies away from the tower holding the elevator, the first angle shows him leaving towards a 10 o'clock direction. A frame later the position of the cable shows him leaving to a 7 o'clock direction.

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Continuity mistake: In the quarry, the cop on the right's hat has two strings around the top, the upper one dissapears depending on the shot.

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Revealing mistake: When the subway train is supposedly running wild, watch the man to the left of Lois: He throws Lois's book violently away on the sly, as if the (fake) rumble inside the train had done the mess.

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Continuity mistake: Nuclear Man sends the 2 police cars back and the one on the right skids and faces slightly to the right, but a second later, when they explode, both cars are perfectly aligned.

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Continuity mistake: When Lacy shows the mock front page of the Daily Planet she holds it covering the red circle on the top right. A frame later she's holding it several inches down.

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Continuity mistake: When Nuclear Man sends the police cars back, there's a man close to a mailbox on the left. There's a very brief cut before the cars explode but when the explosion takes place, the man has vanished.

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Factual error: Superman and Nuclear Man fly around the world fighting at incredible speed. Everywhere they go, including places as widely spread as New York and China, it's daytime.

Lex Luthor: Lenny, I've always considered you the Dutch Elm disease in my family tree.

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Trivia: Near the end of the film, Superman gives a press conference in front of a bluish mirror-glass building which is meant to be the Daily Planet skyscraper in Metropolis (which we all know is New York, sort of). The shot is framed so you can only see the bottom of the building - necessary as it is only about 3 floors high, and is in fact the railway station in Milton keynes, England, about 400 yards from where I work. Even the crowd have a vaguely British look about them - presumably passers-by were recruited and stood there in their own clothes (this would matter less now - Brits look more American than they did in the Eighties).

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Question: Why is this movie so full of mistakes and plot holes? Was it created by incompetent crew?

Answer: It was made on a very low budget. Golen - Golbus productions bought the rights to Superman. They were mostly known for B-Movies with not so big name stars. It was there attempt to play with the big studios. Plus at least 45 minutes of scenes were cut out, with major subplots.

In addition to budget cuts, they kept shortening the runtime, meaning scenes needed to be cut. The comic book adaptation has the uncut scenes and makes much more sense.

Answer: It should also be noted that the film was originally slated to have a budget of $32 million, which is in roughly the same range as the budget for "Superman III" and movies like Tim Burton's original "Batman." However, shortly before shooting began, the budget was cut by nearly 50%, all the way down to $17 million. As a result, the production was very patchy and rushed. This had an adverse effect on everything.


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