Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Continuity mistake: After flying together, Clark and Lois walk into the apartment. When she says she has "the jeepers" her arm suddenly swaps from lowered to raised.

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Audio problem: When Lois and Clark jump off the terrace, she cries his name. In the wide angle she moves her mouth but no sound is heard.

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Continuity mistake: Clark grabs the crystal with both hands, and slowly starts retrieving his left hand. When the shot changes, his left arm is in a totally different position. (01:12:15)

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Other mistake: The part of the great wall of China that Superman fixes where bricks grow has nothing to do with the broken part from before, nor with the wall we see once he fixes it.

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Continuity mistake: After flying with Lois, Superman walks away and is about to crash against the camera. He quickly dodges it by turning sideways. From the opposite angle he is walking straight.

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Audio problem: After the satellite crashes against the cosmonaut, inside the spaceship a Russian cosmonaut starts to cry out things, but his mouth isn't moving.

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Continuity mistake: When the satellite knocks down the cosmonaut, his helmet differs between the wide shots and the close-ups from smooth and with no details, to a real one, revealing the first one is a dummy.

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Continuity mistake: The inside of the Russian spaceship differs between the outside shots as seen through the window, and the ones inside.

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Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man destroys Metropolis he sends beams to make things explode, but there's a moment when there are no beams seen and shops explode for no reason at all.

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Continuity mistake: After Superman is pinned to the ground on the moon, he gets some dust on his suit and his hair is messed up, but in the following shots the dust is gone and his hair is perfectly combed back again.

Revealing mistake: During the Metropolis destruction scene, Nuclear Man sends a SWAT truck spinning around. When he lifts it up with his rays coming from his hands, you can see the truck is being lifted up by a visible white wire.

Revealing mistake: After Superman escapes the block of ice he was imprisoned in, watch the next shot (as he flies back towards Earth) closely... in this shot, it's clear that the effect was achieved by using a rather cheap-looking Superman "doll" composited into the shot, and not Christopher Reeve. It practically looks like a Superman "action-figure" you could buy at the store.

Revealing mistake: When Lex cuts the strand of hair, the bottom of the cabinet breaks before the ball drops.

Revealing mistake: When Clark and Lois are talking in Lacey's apartment, there appear to be bubbles and waves in the pool. However, they do not move.

Continuity mistake: From the aerial angle of the Russian parade, the trucks have already passed the tribune where the politicians are, but in the close-up they're many meters behind. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

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Superman: You'd risk world wide nuclear war for your own personal financial gain.
Lex Luthor: Nobody wants war. I just want to keep the threat alive.

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Question: Assuming anyone saw this deleted scene on the DVD special features. Why would Lacy even go to Smallville?


Answer: Lacy had gotten tired of her dad's newspaper, big-city life and decided to move to Smallville because she wanted to experience life at a much slower pace and even decided to live on a farm.

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