Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Continuity mistake: Nuclear walks towards the newspaper with Lacy's picture and moves his right arm to grab it. A frame later his arm is still, resting by his side.

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Continuity mistake: Lacy flirts with Clark and places her left hand all along his shoulder. A frame later her hand is close to his neck.

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Continuity mistake: At the hotel Jeremy walks to meet Mr. Warfield. In the first angle of him entering there's a bellboy walking in front, yet a frame later, from a close-up, the bellboy is now standing still a couple of meters behind.

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Continuity mistake: When Superman activates his laser vision to cut a mountain he moves his head from right to left, but from his POV the laser beam hasn't appeared yet, plus when it does its position doesn't match Superman's head.

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Continuity mistake: Lois opens Clarks's door and stands in the shadows talking to him. The amount of light by the door swaps from gloomy to totally lit depending on the angle, with no order whatsoever.

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Continuity mistake: Superman holds the tip of the mountain with his body straight, as if standing on air, yet a frame later his body is laying along as when he flies.

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Continuity mistake: Amount of rock from the cut-out mountain standing out from crater differs between the first and second shot.

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Revealing mistake: When the first cab is attacked by Nuclear Man, watch underneath and you'll notice that the wheels don't touch the ground, revealing it's a prop.

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Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man steals the Statue of Liberty, there's a very obvious blur around the retouched image where the real statue has been painted over to simulate it's gone.

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Lex Luthor: Lenny, let's try and keep your IQ a family secret.

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Trivia: Christopher Reeve said in his autobiography that he much preferred Richard Donner's approach rather than Sidney J. Furie's. He mentioned that if Donner had done the scene with Superman walking up to the big UN building, he would have shot on location of where that building in real life is, choreographed thousands of extras, had cars driving by on the street and cut to real shots of people gawking out of office windows. Instead, Furie shot at an industrial park in London with a giant matte painting, only a few extras, no buildings or cars and a couple of pigeons for added effect.

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Question: I read that, according to Margot Kidder, when working on this movie, Christopher Reeve and Sidney J. Furie didn't get along at all. Is this true? If it is true, then what was the reason behind their feud in the first place?

Answer: There appears to be multiple reasons. They had creative differences, ultimately resulting in a poorly received movie. Kidder said Reeves, who co-wrote the story, had an inflated ego and clashed with Furie.

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