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Trivia: The two rednecks sitting on the back of the pick up truck when Cable arrives are played by Alan Tudyk and Matt Damon, whose makeup took 4 hours to apply.

Trivia: Young Cyclops, Beast, Storm, Quicksilver, Night Crawler and Professor Xavier from the First generation timeline (ie. X-Men: First Class onwards) make a very brief appearance as Wade complains there aren't any X-Men in the mansion. They shut the door so he doesn't see them.

Trivia: On the scrolling text during the news broadcast it says "Notorious bank robbers Westervelt and Ghizas arrested Sunday evening after high speed chase." Dirk Westervelt was the film editor for "Deadpool 2." He also was an editor for "Logan." Nick Ghizas was the visual effects manager for "Deadpool 2." He was also a visual effects artist for the TV show "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Westervelt was also an editor for the film "Notorious" and "Faster."


Trivia: During the end fight a Wilhelm scream can be heard.

Trivia: Tim Miller, who directed the original film, left production early on and was replaced by "John Wick" co-directer David Leitch. Reportedly, Miller and star Ryan Reynolds had vastly different visions for the sequel, and Miller was already in early prep for the next "Terminator" film, so the two amicably agreed that Miller should step away and allow a new director to take over.


Trivia: At the end Wade gets a little bit of grey on his suit, in the comics Deadpool had a grey suit when in X-Force.


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Trivia: At the start of the scene where Deadpool and Weasel are recruiting the X-Force, they are looking at photographs of the applicants. The first photo shown is of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. A closer look at the photo will show that her superhero name is Notorious R.B.G. (00:53:55)

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Trivia: When Domino is parachuting down towards the convoy, in the shot where she says "They're headed into the tunnel", a large graffiti drawing of Stan Lee can be seen drawn onto the side of a building. (01:03:55)

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Trivia: Deadpool briefly mentions that Domino's powers sound like an idea from a "crackpot" who "can't draw feet." This is a nod to Deadpool and Domino's co-creator Rob Leifeld, who is known for his somewhat unique style... and also a bit infamous because he's really bad at drawing ankles and feet.


Trivia: Director David Leitch has a cameo as "Ground Chuck Mutant", one of the mutant prisoners taken on a truck to a new location.

Trivia: When Deadpool retrieves the cocaine from Blind Al's apartment, the bags of coke are sitting next to another object labeled "The Cure for Blindness." This is a bit of a callback to the first film, in which Deadpool facetiously told Al that he had cocaine stashed somewhere in the apartment next to "the cure for blindness." Evidently, he literally did have a cure for blindness.


Trivia: It was revealed after the film was released that Ryan Reynolds himself was the voice of Juggernaut, in addition to portraying the facial motion-capturing work for the digital model. They simply deepened his voice in post-production. In the credits, the voice of Juggernaut is listed as "himself".


Trivia: Scrolling text on a news program in the film jokingly states that Christopher Plummer refused a role in the film. This is a dual reference to Plummer replacing Kevin Spacey in the film "All the Money in the World" after Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct, as well as TJ Miller also being accused of sexual misconduct prior to this film's release, which led to some people demanding that Miller be removed from the final film.

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Trivia: Spoiler alert! Zeitgeist has the number 116 tattooed on his arm. This is a reference to the issue number of the comic in which he dies.


Continuity mistake: Near the start when Wade and Vanessa are discussing families, in most shots facing her she's got her thumb lying along his jawline, but in most shots facing him it's sticking up by his ear.

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Deadpool: So you're an alien, I guess. How does that help us?
Shatterstar: I'm basically better than you at everything.
Deadpool: Just once, I'm gonna find a planet of people that are worse than me at everything. A bunch of functional idiots. I'm gonna go there, and I'm gonna be their Superman.
Weasel: Isn't that Canada?
Deadpool: You shut your goddamn trash mouth.


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Question: Why is the man's groin blurred out in the fight-scene at the Japanese sauna? It's an R-rated movie (or unrated, depending on the cut of the film you watch), so it's not like they couldn't have shown it. The best I can figure is that it's a reference to the fact that genitals are blurred out in Japanese media due to "decency" laws. Is that what the joke was?


Answer: It is a possibility. In Japan, the showing of a person's genital area and/or pubic hair is considered obscene.

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