Star Trek: Generations

Trivia: Tim Russ, who plays Tuvok in Voyager, has a small role in this movie as the Tactical Officer on Enterprise-B. In the credits he is cast as "Lieutenant".

Trivia: At the end of the film when the Enterprise crew are being rescued from the surface of the planet where they crashed, Picard is transported from the surface by the USS Farragut. This is also the name of the first ship on which Kirk served as a Lieutenant (mentioned in the original series episode 47 Obsession).

Trivia: The original ending for Generations involved Soren shooting Kirk in the back and Picard finding the body, so he did technically die alone, but the test audiences hated seeing the heroic James Kirk bite it in the back, so all three actors were called in to reshoot the ending, making Kirk's death more purposeful.

Trivia: Kirk's farm, home and horse, when they are in the Nexus, are actually owned by William Shatner.

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Trivia: When looking at the damage, you see Scotty's right hand open, and can see the middle finger is missing. It's one of a few times you ever see it openly, as Doohan always kept it closed on camera. He lost it due to amputation in the Second World War.

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Trivia: Riker's DS9 style uniform is way to small, and Geordi's DS9 style uniform is way too big. That's because Jonathan Frakes borrowed Avery Brook's (Sisko) and LeVar Burton borrowed Colm Meaney's (O'Brien) uniforms from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Neither Gates McFadden or Marina Sirtis wanted to wear Terry Farrell's (Jadzia Dax) uniform and so they stayed with the TNG style uniform.

Trivia: Despite Picard's love of horses and riding (as seen in TNG series and this movie) Sir Patrick Stewart didn't ride. William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk) had to teach him to ride so as to be believable.

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Trivia: As the camera looks at Picard, who is explaining his presence to Kirk, on the wall behind him is a Klingon Bat'leth, a large poster of the Original series Enterprise, an old style phaser, and a few other old series items.

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Trivia: Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Soran) is Alexander Siddig's (Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine) real life uncle.

Trivia: Malcolm McDowell received death threats from irate Star Trek fans after his character killed Captain Kirk in the movie.

Trivia: The Enterprise-D was destroyed, in part, because the ship was designed for the aspect ratio of a television screen. The destruction of the ship allowed for the creation of a theater-friendly starship for subsequent movies.

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