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Corrected entry: The joke of Geordi's that Data laughs at, which is established as having been told at some point in "Encounter at Farpoint", mentions the Ferengi, but first contact with that race didn't occur until "The Last Outpost," three episodes later.

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Correction: That was the first time they had direct contact with them, but they were aware of their existence. They are referenced by name in "Encounter at Farpoint."

Corrected entry: Kirk and Picard are in the Nexus. They can go to any point in time, but they both choose to go to the one point in time where the difficulty and danger are at the maximum and the chance of success is at the minimum.


Correction: They are also sworn to obey the temporal prime directive, and avoid altering the timeline. They chose a time where they had the potential for success without changing the events of the past significantly.

Corrected entry: After Picard enters the Nexus, he gains the ability to find Kirk and then travel back in time bringing Kirk with him. However, Soran entered the Nexus at the exact same time. Wouldn't he also gain similar abilities? Would he not then use them to stop Picard from changing events? Is there a copy of Soran still alive in the Nexus even after we see him killed in the altered timeline?


Correction: Soran doesn't have anyone who would want to come back with him. He said himself that people don't want to leave the Nexus, it was simply Kirk's sense of doing the right thing that convinced him to help Picard. Someone who was selfish enough to risk killing people to get to the Nexus would not then leave for the chance of helping someone else enter.

Corrected entry: Picard and Kirk come back from the Nexus to the surface of Viridian 3 to stop Soren from launching the missile. He can go wherever and whenever he wants, why doesn't he go back to the Enterprise B when Soren was aboard and arrest him without difficulty?

Correction: Aside from obvious problems of travelling 75 backwards in time, altering the entire history of TNG in the process, there is the simple fact that when Soren was aboard the Enterprise B, he had not yet committed a crime.

Corrected entry: Based on references from Star Trek IV and TNG it has been made clear that the windows are made of transparent aluminium and not of glass, but when the saucer section crashes, some windows shatter like normal glass.


Correction: Having wrecked my motorcycle in an accident, I can tell you that aluminum definitely shatters with enough force. There is a video on the Internet showing what happens when a .50 caliber bullet hits transparent aluminum (yes, it does exist) and at the impact point of the shot, you can see fragments that look very similar to shattering glass flying away it.


Corrected entry: When Geordi gives the order to evacuate Engineering, he starts to say "Bridge we have a new problem." As he is saying this, the blonde female officer can be seen ducking under the door to escape the room, but when he says, "We're five minutes away from a warp core breach," the same officer is ducking under the door again a second time.


Correction: We see one blonde from behind with similar hair at first and after the other, as you say, but we can't be sure that it's the same woman.

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Corrected entry: In the stellar cartography scene, while Data is conversing with Captain Picard about being deactivated, you can see that Data does not have his signature yellow eyed contacts in place.

Correction: Brent Spiner's eyes are blue. Data's eyes in this scene are not blue, they may be a lighter yellow, but they are yellow.

Corrected entry: During the battle with the Klingon Bird of Prey over Viridian III, the Enterprise-D is shown sustaining hits to its front and rear. The bridge is shown taking damage from a shot fired at the underside of the Enterprise, despite being on the top of the ship and away from the Klingon's fire. (01:05:25)


Correction: Damage, particularly that inflicted by energy-based weaponry, isn't limited to external structural damage. The attack could have blown or disrupted a power conduit and the surge manifested itself on the bridge or the bridge consoles. Even here on present-day Earth, lightning doesn't have to directly strike your television in order to blow it.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Captain Picard is shown in a uniform with red on the shoulders and black on the rest (the Star Trek: Voyager/DS9 uniforms), yet when picking through the ruins of the Enterprise, he is seen in a black shoulders/red shirt uniform (the usual TNG uniform). The ship is in ruins: he couldn't have replicated a new uniform as the power is out. (01:45:15 - 01:47:25)


Correction: Replicators are not the only way for uniforms to be available. He could simply have had spare uniforms in a closet. Or one of the rescue ships could have replicated it for him.


Corrected entry: Geordi has returned to the Enterprise with his visor sending what he is seeing back to the Klingon ship. When Geordi is in Engineering the feed to the Klingon ship shows Geordi standing in front of a console despite the feed coming from Geordi's own visor.


Correction: No it doesn't. The feed shows another crew member stepping away from the console as Geordi's view looks down at the panel.

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Corrected entry: As Data pulls his emotion chip from the holder, there is a shot of Geordi, and you can see through the visor (and they're not totally white!) (00:28:50)

Correction: You can sort of see through the VISOR, but you can't see anything distinctly. It may just be a reflection of his irises and pupils (which Geordi still has, though discolored) on the surface of his eyes.

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning, on the Enterprise-B's maiden voyage, Sulu's daughter says something like "The starboard ship's hull is collapsing". Seconds later, the PORT ship on the viewer explodes.

Correction: The port/starboard directions are always given from the FRONT of the starship. So, in this scene, with the Enterprise-B facing the ships, their port/starboard directions are reversed, meaning that if the ship to their port side exploded, it is, in fact, the starboard ship of the facing formation, because port and starboard are always based on where the front of the vessel that is being talked about is pointing.

Corrected entry: The ribbon obviously moves faster than light (it covers the distance between star systems in a matter of hours), but when it passes Veridian III it moves much, much slower than light.

Correction: This is a fictional object and, as such, can do whatever the writers need it to do. Perhaps it slows down when it encounters the gravitational forces in a solar system.

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Corrected entry: Picard's communicator disappears during his transport down to Veridian III. He leaves the Enterprise in a blue transporter beam, and arrives on the planet in a blue transporter beam, minus his communicator. The Klingon transporter, shown earlier when Dr. Soran beamed up to the Klingon Bird of Prey, is an orange beam, thus Picard didn't transport to the Klingon ship for them to remove the communicator. The communicator then reappears in the Nexus, and disappears again when he returns to Veridian III.

Correction: These issues have already been addressed in a previous mistake entry.

Corrected entry: Near the end, when Data and Troi are searching through the rubble of the crashed Enterprise, there's a bright blue container in the background that's plugged up with plywood.

Correction: I've watched the movie several times for this and never seen it. Besides, why can't they have plywood in the future?

Correction: Further to the previous correction: Gene Roddenberry himself insisted on the Enterprise-D's bridge having a wooden railing around the command chairs rather than a metal one, to make it seem more warm and welcoming, so wood of some type is definitely both used in the TNG era and is present in some capacity on the Enterprise.

Corrected entry: In the final fight between Picard and Soran, the remote control for the rocket falls on the broken bridge. A few shots later, the control is on the other side of the bridge.

Correction: The camera angle changes so it becomes confusing but it definitely stays on the same side.

Corrected entry: Before Kirk jumps the gap on his horse while in the Nexus, there is a shot from beneath the gap, looking up, and there appears to be a dark colored board or bridge across the gap. When we see Kirk jump the gap, the board is no longer present.

Correction: Watching carefully, it's still there, it's just that the camera angle changes.

Corrected entry: During the crash sequence on the Enterprise-D, Worf is flying all over the place in the background. Immediately following the star drive's destruction, the shock wave sends Worf flying to his left. He crawls back to his station and then falls to his left again. Immediately following, as Riker is screaming to Deana for a report, you can see Worf's hands holding on to the railing right behind Riker. The next instant he is to the right of his station (our left, bringing himself up) and in the very next scene he is seated at his station.

Correction: The ship is being violently shaken, it's logical that Worf will be in many different places in a short period of time.

Corrected entry: When Picard first meets Kirk in the Nexus, Kirk's uniform jacket (which he was wearing aboard the Enterprise-B) is seen lying on a nearby rock with the Starfleet insignia pin still on it, but the Insignia pin is pinned to Kirk's vest for the duration of the movie.

Correction: Everything in the Nexus is an illusion, so the appearance of the insignia pin on the uniform jacket can be discounted.

Corrected entry: It is difficult enough to believe that a missile not much longer than an average car would be capable of destroying a whole star, but if you can swallow that, how come when it does finally explode on the launchpad it only produces enough of a blast to kill the bad guy while Picard and Kirk are presumably only a few yards away behind some rocks?

Correction: As was discussed in the film, the missile contains stolen trilithium which will set off a destructive chain reaction in the star. The actual explosive yield is negligible, it is not explosives that destroy the star but the chemical chain reaction interfering with the fusion reaction of the star.

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Deliberate mistake: After the trilithium missile hits the sun, it is shown going out in real time from Veridian III. As the planet is relatively earth-like, it is several light-minutes away from the sun. The filmmakers wanted it to be obvious that the missile was successful, so they ignored the speed of light. (01:20:35)

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Kirk: Scotty, keep it together until I get back.
Scotty: I always do.

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Trivia: The original ending for Generations involved Soren shooting Kirk in the back and Picard finding the body, so he did technically die alone, but the test audiences hated seeing the heroic James Kirk bite it in the back, so all three actors were called in to reshoot the ending, making Kirk's death more purposeful.

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Question: Is the footage of the Bird of Prey exploding the same exact footage of the Bird of Prey exploding from Star Trek VI?

Answer: Yes, it is.

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