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Corrected entry: A small point, but all the way through the movie, the cast revert from the Next Gen' two piece uniform to the Deep space nine style jump suit. In one scene, Picard is wearing the old style, while Riker is talking to him dressed in the new style. Why are the senior officers wearing two different uniforms?

Correction: The Jump suits were the new uniforms the old style ones were being phased out so some uniforms may either not have been issued yet or were being replicated/washed/altered during the course of the movie.

Corrected entry: The emotion chip in Generation is very large compared to the one shown in the TV episodes where Data first shows it and where he gets it from his brother. How could the chip have grown? Also Data's "father" build the chip specifically for him so why would it overload any part of Data?

Correction: Dr. Soong says it will give Data basic human emotions (fear, joy, love and hate most likely). It is quite possible Data built on to it to allow a wider range of emotional possibilites. It overloaded him because he didn't test it with its new capabilites before he first used it.

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Corrected entry: In Star Trek TNG's 4th or 5th season, they bring Scotty back for an episode under the pretence that he put himself into a continuous feedback loop in the transporter in order to survive a crash. The episode was called 'relics'. When Geordi, Worf, and Ryker beam down, the free him from the transporter. As soon as Riker says that he is from the starship Enterprise, Scotty immediately says 'the Enterprise. I'll bet old Jim Kirk himself dragged her out of mothballs to come looking for me'. But wait. In Star Trek Generations (the movie), Scotty was on the Enterprise B when (he believed) Jim was pulled out of the ship when the Nexus (which no-one understood, at the time) collided with the ship. So, as far as Scotty is aware, Jim is dead. So why the statement in Relics about Jim being around to come looking for Scotty?

Correction: When they free Scotty from the transporter loop, Geordi says something like it has suffered less than 1% degradation. Obviously, the memory of Kirk's death was in that 1%.

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Corrected entry: Wasn't the emotion chip originally inserted via Lore's mouth, not through the top of the skull? It looks a lot bigger in the movie, too.

Correction: It can be reasoned that the cranial slot seen in the movie could be Data's equivalent of a USB port (notice there was more than one). The emotion chip was damaged (as explained in 'Descent'), and it may now be larger because it is placed inside a special corrective unit to enable it to function properly. That unit then fits into the universal port.

Corrected entry: How could a phenomenon like the Nexus travel the galaxy every 39.1 years and nobody know about it for so long? Kirk and the Enterprise-B didn't know what it was, even Picard had to ask Guinan what it was. If the energy ribbon is what killed James T. Kirk that would have been standard knowledge for everyone in Starfleet.

Correction: The galaxy is an unbelievably huge place, with new things being discovered all the time. It's certainly possible the Enterprise-B was the first ship to encounter it and survive to report it.

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Deliberate mistake: After the trilithium missile hits the sun, it is shown going out in real time from Veridian III. As the planet is relatively earth-like, it is several light-minutes away from the sun. The filmmakers wanted it to be obvious that the missile was successful, so they ignored the speed of light. (01:20:35)

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Kirk: Scotty, keep it together until I get back.
Scotty: I always do.

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Trivia: At the end of the film when the Enterprise crew are being rescued from the surface of the planet where they crashed, Picard is transported from the surface by the USS Farragut. This is also the name of the first ship on which Kirk served as a Lieutenant (mentioned in the original series episode 47 Obsession).

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Question: How did Kirk die? He got hit by a lot of debris but from what was seen, not enough to do real damage.

Answer: Kirk also fell a considerable distance, clinging onto the platform as it dislodged from the cliff and rolled several times. In addition to being crushed/hit by debris, the fall and the rolling would have caused further serious trauma.

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In addition to this statement, Kirk would have had servere internal bleeding as seen by the blood coming from his mouth.

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