Star Trek: Generations

Other mistake: As the Veridian star is destroyed, Picard raises his hand to supposedly shield his eyes from the sun's light, but he is looking in the wrong direction; the sun is behind him, and there is no light on the rest of the front of his body.

Other mistake: When Capt. Picard is talking about a prisoner transfer, he says he will beam over to the Klingon Ship, then they can beam him down to the planet. He beams off the ship, and is then on the planet, but his transporter pattern (which should be Klingon red) is blue, the Starfleet pattern colour. He must have gone to the Klingon ship first, as his communicator is on his chest when he leaves the Enterprise, but gone when he lands on the planet, meaning someone, obviously the Klingons, took it off him. And don't say the Klingons gave the Enterprise the co-ordinates for Dr Soran's missile site, they're cleverer than that. (01:01:45)

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Other mistake: If you watch the holodeck doors as Picard leaves the holodeck after hearing the bad news, you can see that the holodeck doors seem to be crudely painted with a brush and you can see the large brush marks. (00:24:00)

Other mistake: The footage of the female Klingons' ship exploding was also used when General Chang's ship blows up in "Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country."

Other mistake: When Soran fires on Riker and Worf on the observatory, his shot apparently goes between them to hit a wall behind them. However, there is no sign of the shot after the angle change, and the two men react to the shot's presence after it hits the wall.

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Other mistake: Before the final fall, there is a lot of breakage of support chains and cables, none of which appear attached to the piece Kirk is on.

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Other mistake: During Worf's promotion party on the sailing ship, a harbor buoy is seen in the background 20 feet from the ship.

Other mistake: Historically, in the Star Trek universe, the doors to any room, including turbo lifts, opened automatically at a person's approach. The only time a turbo lift door didn't open was if there was no car there. This time Harriman touched a control at the right side of the turbo lift doors.

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