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Continuity mistake: When Kirk goes to get the control pad, he slips down the broken catwalk. As he slides, you see his left leg bent under the right, and his foot at impossible angle. A second later, both legs are side by side.

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Continuity mistake: The knot in the rope holding Soren is toward the end of the rope. The knot slips out of the bracing, and the end of the rope goes over the side, meaning there's no help for Soren. A moment later, impossibly, that same knot catches in the same spot of the bracing, saving him.

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Other mistake: When Soran fires on Riker and Worf on the observatory, his shot apparently goes between them to hit a wall behind them. However, there is no sign of the shot after the angle change, and the two men react to the shot's presence after it hits the wall.

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Plot hole: When Picard is talking to Guinan inside the Nexus she tells him that he can leave and go anywhere anytime and Picard and Kirk go back to Veridian III just before the launch of the missile. Now why didn't Picard go back to when they first located Soran on the Armagosa observatory and detain him there? Or if he wanted to he could have gone back even further to Earth and saved his brother and nephew.

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Suggested correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. Characters behaving differently than you would doesn't constitute a plot hole, and there's nothing contradicting the plot. The short answer is because of the Temporal Prime Directive. Yes, there have been several Star Trek episodes and movies dealing with time travel, but Picard knows it's best not to change the past too much. Plus, going back even further in time doesn't guarantee he'll be able to stop Soran.


Factual error: For the shock wave from the Veridian star to engulf Veridian III so quickly it would have reached the remains of the Enterprise-D (and survivors) so fast they would have no time to think about running.

Factual error: When the champagne bottle hits the ship, the liquid droplets change directions and drip off the ship, despite the ship being in a zero-gravity environment.

Other mistake: When Worf tells Riker the Romulans were looking for Trilithium on the station, Riker acts as if he never heard of it before, and Worf explains that it is an experimental compound that the Romulans were working on. However, in the Next Generation episode, "Starship Mine", terrorists steal Trilithium resin from the warp engines to sell as a weapon, and Picard seems to know a great deal about it. (00:34:10)

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Suggested correction: That entire Next Generation episode takes place on the Enterprise with only Picard and the terrorists. It was scheduled for maintenance and no one was supposed to be aboard. There was no reason then or now for Riker to ever hear of trilithium.

The error stands, Picard would have made a full report on the terrorist incident and Riker, as his First Officer, would have read the report in full, along with several other senior officers and the Admiralty at Starfleet Command.

Continuity mistake: It's established in TNG that Geordi's VISOR can see the entire EM spectrum, which several episodes showed to be a chaotic, indecipherable, visual frenzy that Geordi admitted he had to train himself to be able to comprehend. In 'Generations', however, the hijacked feed from Geordi's VISOR is shown as perfectly normal vision that looks like what you'd see from any standard camera.

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Suggested correction: Exactly, because that's what Soran did when he modified it. He adapted the VISOR so that it would transmit what Geordi was seeing in the visual spectrum without making him aware that the VISOR had been modified.

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Continuity mistake: When Worf is climbing out of the water, his knees have red on them. Later on the bridge, his pants are clean.

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Other mistake: Before the final fall, there is a lot of breakage of support chains and cables, none of which appear attached to the piece Kirk is on.

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Continuity mistake: The two parts of the catwalk seem to be a good six or seven feet apart, a good challenge. But as Kirk goes to jump, the gap then seems to be only three feet. Possible perception from the angles.

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Revealing mistake: As Picard looks up at the path of the missile, he's looking toward the sun, but the sunlight is coming from behind him, as evidenced by his face being shaded, and the back of his head lit.

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Continuity mistake: On the observatory, Data pops open a small panel on his arm to generate a magnetic field to open the hidden door. In the wide angle, his bared arm appears normal, too fast for the panel on his arm to close.

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Other mistake: During Worf's promotion party on the sailing ship, a harbor buoy is seen in the background 20 feet from the ship.

Audio problem: In Stellar Cartography, Data has to reposition his chair to work on another panel. To do so without getting up he places his hands on the panel to pull himself across to the other position. As he does, there is a sound of an electric motor moving him. But as the scene draws to a close and Data gets up, you can see the chair is a dressed up standard office desk chair, with casters, no motor, and no tracks for it to slide on.

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Suggested correction: In Stellar Cartography, Data moves the entire console not just the chair. The sound came from the console, maybe it is magnetically locked in place, the sound coming from it unlocking and re-locking.

Other mistake: Historically, in the Star Trek universe, the doors to any room, including turbo lifts, opened automatically at a person's approach. The only time a turbo lift door didn't open was if there was no car there. This time Harriman touched a control at the right side of the turbo lift doors.

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Suggested correction: Yes he did it to call the turbo lift. One is probably not there at all times.

Picard: Look! The control pad. It's still on the other side.
Kirk: I'll get it. You go for the launcher.
Picard:'ll never make that by yourself. We have to work together.
Kirk: We ARE working together. Trust me. Go!
Picard: Good luck, Captain!
Kirk: Call me Jim.

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Trivia: Tim Russ, who plays Tuvok in Voyager, has a small role in this movie as the Tactical Officer on Enterprise-B. In the credits he is cast as "Lieutenant".

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Question: How did Kirk die? He got hit by a lot of debris but from what was seen, not enough to do real damage.

Answer: Kirk also fell a considerable distance, clinging onto the platform as it dislodged from the cliff and rolled several times. In addition to being crushed/hit by debris, the fall and the rolling would have caused further serious trauma.

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In addition to this statement, Kirk would have had servere internal bleeding as seen by the blood coming from his mouth.

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