Star Trek: First Contact

Trivia: I was reading through some of the entries concerning the Borg in the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and came upon a comment they had about Wolf 359 - it's the name of an actual star in space, it makes up part of the Constellation Leo. It's also the site of the first major fleet battle between StarFleet and the Borg. Take your mind back to the scene where Zef and Lily first walk out of that bar, and Lily sees a speck of light that is actually the Borg Sphere, and asks Zef what it is. He replies "That, my dear, is the Constellation Leo". Now, obviously he didn't see what she was pointing out the first time around, but we could probably assume that from their point of view the sphere was in the general area that the constellation occupies in the night sky. Nice coincidence that the first attack on Earth by the Borg came from the same direction as the major battle between Starfleet and the Borg.

Trivia: The Borg eyepieces don't blink at random - they spell out "Rick Berman" , "Sherry Lansing" , the names of several studio execs , and "Bonnie" , the name of eye programmer Michael Westmore Jr's dog, in Morse code. Additionally , Data's head blinks "Resistance is futile".

Trivia: The set that they use as sickbay on the Enterprise is the same set used as sickbay on Star Trek Voyager. In fact, the character of the holographic doctor is played by Robert Picardo, who starred as Voyager's holographic doc.

Trivia: The name of the Dixon Hill holo-program in this film, "The Big Goodbye", is also the name of the first episode to feature Picard as Dixon Hill. Also, the list of holo-programs that appears on the display are actual programs that were seen during the course of the TV shows.

Trivia: Watch the LCARS displays very carefully when Picard, Worf, and Lt. Hawk are reprogramming the maglock controls. Those with a careful eye can spot that one of the maglocks is the infamous AE35 unit, a tip of the hat to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Trivia: When Dr. Crusher is moving everyone out of sick bay when the Borg are about to break in, she calls for the holographic Doctor. She tell him to distract the Borg long enough for them to escape. He says "I'm a doctor, not a doorstop", which was a nice salute to a line often said by Dr. McCoy (which the Doctor also used in the Star Trek: Voyager TV show).

Trivia: Classic car nuts will find it humorous that a whole bunch of reproduction Chevrolet L-88 hood scoops are used as hatchway doors to the lifepods during the auto-destruct sequence, most obviously as they slam shut in close-up. (01:24:15)


Trivia: Not strictly a "movie mistake", but interesting to note. On the DVD commentary, Jonathan Frakes says repeatedly that the gun used by Picard in the holodeck scene is "a period German submachinegun". It is, of course, a Thompson M1928, possibly the most American submachinegun of them all. (00:51:45 - 00:52:20)

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Trivia: The missile silo scenes were filmed at the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley, Arizona. It is a decommissioned site and the only Titan missile complex open to the public. In order to get the shot of the launch they lowered a camera down the length of the actual missile on cables. Members of the crew arrived weeks early to get exact measurements of the warhead so they could build the cockpit "capsule" to fit over it. The money Paramount paid to use the site was used to build the new Welcome Center.

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Trivia: Not exactly a mistake, but when the Vulcans land, Cochrane says "My God, they're really from another world!" I guess no one mentioned to him that the lady he tried to seduce and has been helping him the whole time is too. Though her father was human, Troi was born and raised on Betazed.

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Trivia: In the battle with the Borg Cube, there's a Millenium Falcon slipped into the film by Industrial Light and Magic.


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Factual error: In the scene where Picard opens a viewing port and shows Lilly that she is in a starship orbiting Earth he shows her New Guinea and Australia. New Zealand is missing. (00:42:45)

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Suggested correction: Actually when you look at Australia and New Zealand from orbit, New Zealand is a lot further away from Australia then shown on a map, also a lot more south of Australia. A map is a 2D image of a sphere, causing proportions to be off (its well known Africa is a lot smaller on maps than it is in real life). Especially the further south or north you go distances are way off. The depiction shown in the movie is actually correct, in that angle New Zealand is just outside of the frame. There are plenty of pictures from orbit to compare.


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Data: Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind.

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Question: One of the crew members tells Worf the Borg control 26 to 11, when they reached deck 11 they stopped. Picard says "we can't get to deflector control or a shuttle craft. I did some research, the main shuttle bay is on deck 6. So why can't they get to a shuttlecraft? Would this be a plot hole?

Answer: The borg took control of specific areas of the ship as part of their plan. This included deflector control and the shuttle bay.

My mistake. The main shuttle bay is around decks 5 and 6. The Borg didn't take control of those decks until after the beacon was destroyed.

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