Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Corrected entry: When the Enterprise first encounters the Reliant, we see several screen shots of the Reliant on the Enterprise viewscreen, and several shots of the Enterprise on Reliant's viewscreen. The puzzling thing is, if you watch very closely to the shots of the Enterprise on the Reliant's viewscreen, you will notice that the stars are actually moving BACKWARD, as if the Reliant were in a slow reverse. Obviously this is an editing blooper since Khan just ordered that the ship slow to one half impulse power, which still moves the ship forward.

Correction: Trek canon has shown the viewscreens are not the same as windows, and that the screens can show us views from vantage points where no camera exists. These vantage points also do not need to be stationary. As such, the views of Enterprise on Reliant's screen are taking Enterprise's speed into account, and the 'vantage point' is backing up to keep her 'in the shot' while Reliant is still moving forward.


Corrected entry: Kahn explains that Ceti Alpha VI exploded and altered the orbit of the Ceti Alpha V, laying everything waste on the planet. Okay, fine. How then did they mistake Ceti Alpha V for Ceti Alpha VI? Star Trek has established that their method for numbering planets is based on orbit position numbering outward from the star at the center of the system (Earth would be Sol III if it didn't already have other names). For Ceti Alpha V to be mistaken for Ceti Alpha VI, there would have to be another planet inserted between Ceti Alpha V and the star (Ceti Alpha). There is no way for an explosion at Ceti Alpha VI to send a new planet in past Ceti Alpha V and the only way for the explosion to push Ceti Alpha V away from the star would be if the planet had exploded while on the other side of its orbit from Ceti Alpha V. If that had happened, the shockwave would not have been nearly enough to sent Ceti Alpha V up two orbits (because Ceti Alpha VI is gone so Ceti Alpha V would have to go up past Ceti Alpha VII).

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Correction: The explanation here is pretty simple. Ceti Alpha V must have been where Ceti Alpha VI was supposed to be. With that said, the captain and crew could have easily assumed that Ceti Alpha V was Ceti Alpha VI and that Ceti Alpha V must be on the other side of the system, hiding behind the star. Obviously, the system isn't visited often. Otherwise, Kirk wouldn't have picked the Ceti system for Khan 15 years earlier. So, it's easy for the captain and crew of the Reliant not to be aware of the explosion of Ceti Alpha VI and the shifting of the orbit of Ceti Alpha V. With minimal information about the system (other than the fact that Khan was on Ceti Alpha V), they could have easily mistook one planet for another, especially if they have similar characteristics. The fact that Chekov thinks they're on Ceti Alpha VI when they beam down confirms this. Also, the fact that Khan says that Kirk (and no one else) bothered to check on their progress in 15 years confirms that the system is not visited often. So, what seems like a plot hole can be easily explained.

Corrected entry: When Enterprise finally defeats Khan in the Motara Nebula, Uhuru starts transmitting the order to surrender for one minute and 18 seconds before Khan activates Genesis. That was more than enough time for the Enterprise crew to beam Khan on board the enterprise and either arrest or kill him. (01:28:48 - 01:30:06)

Correction: The nebula interferes with a lot of systems. The sensors were not functioning and they could barely get a clear visual on the viewscreen. The transporters would not be able to lock onto Khan.


Correction: But they were still inside said Nebula. You saw how it was interfering with their shields, communications and the likes. Just imagine what could go wrong if you tried beaming people around in there.

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Plot hole: Why doesn't Reliant know that Khan is exiled here? The Federation is so terrified and opposed to genetic engineering that it's still illegal 300 years after Khan. So why is there no warning along with the data on the Ceti Alpha system? Kirk logged what happened with Khan and his solution of marooning him. Starships use nav data to navigate star systems. Ceti Alpha 6 exploded, yet the helmsman or computer never noticed that there is one less planet than there was when Kirk was there? There is no debris from the explosion? Ceti Alpha 5 is the exact same size and was conveniently blown into the exact same orbit as Ceti Alpha 6 used to have? So there is nothing whatsoever to make the crew even suspect that it's not 6? Enterprise would have to have scanned the planets in the system to know that one was habitable for Khan. Did Ceti Alpha 6's destruction somehow magically turn Ceti Alpha 5 into its exact duplicate? If Starfleet ships have been there to map after Ceti Alpha 6 exploded, none of them bothered to check on the exiles? Pretty callous for Starfleet, don't you think? With the technology and amounts of information available to Starfleet vessels, there is NO logical reason for the Reliant to think that this planet is Ceti Alpha 6. Finally, would the Federation be willing to test a device whose exact effects will be unknown on a planet so close to another inhabited one? (00:21:00)

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Saavik: You lied!
Spock: I exaggerated.

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Trivia: When the crew is pulling up the grates to lower the photon torpedo into its launch track, you can see a crewman in a red jacket in the background. The way he is fidgeting, he is obviously an extra that didn't know what to do after "Action" was yelled. Though, I guess we could be charitable and say he was a green ensign unsure of what to do at Red Alert.

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Question: Where would Kahn learn a Klingon proverb? He was marooned on a planet, and before that he was in hibernation.

Answer: Given Khan's heightened intellect, he'd undoubtedly be an information junkie - he's had plenty of time, either on the Enterprise before his marooning or afterwards on the Reliant, to read up on the current state of the galaxy - he presumably found the proverb in some datafile somewhere.

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