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I own this movie on DVD.

I just watched this film again with my dad, and it was even better than I had remembered it.
This is the film that Fast and the Furious should have been or should try to be more like. Very well written, excellent acting, compelling story with understood motivations, and great effects and action.
It's a heist movie at it's heart, but more about the main character, Baby, wanting to get out of this line of work. But he owes a dept to his "boss" and has to keep driving for him.
Things go awry and bodies start to hit the floor. Baby finds love, and tries desperately to keep her safe and get out of this criminal underworld in on piece, with his incredible driving skills and a heart of gold.
A must watch and fantastic film.

Mistake Status: Haven't looked for any yet, but I sure will some day.

Quantom X Premium member

Cool opening shot, one long sequence in time with a beat. The kid who played Baby has a real air of individual charisma and confidence for a relatively unknown actor and that really helps the film. The film is now slightly tainted by the Kevin Spacey association, as he is in this playing a now type cast aggressive creep.

The soundtrack is cool, which you'd expect from Edgar Wright. I remember an interview he once gave about Spaced where he said it was largely an excuse to get people to listen to the music he personally found cool. It's still weird that Edgar Wright is now a big Hollywood director after starting out on niche Channel 4 comedy. I once saw him at the theatre in London watching Dylan Moran's stand up show, and I find it weird that he is now A list Hollywood. I preferred it when he made cult comedies for British consumption.



In all honesty, I cannot understand the love this movie is getting. In terms of the film making, it is really well done: The direction, editing, sound mixing, incorporation of music and car chase sequences are really well done.

That being said, I found the movie rather tone deaf, often varying from light hearted to serious. The main protagonist was pretty forgettable; they try to force a tragic back story to get me to care, but it came off as tedious and it is never explained how he became such a badass driver, so it became difficult for me to become invested in him. I also found it difficult to become invested in him because his characterization felt very simplified; he is basically a good guy with nothing bad about him, whilst everyone else is mostly bad.

The love interest was incredibly weak; she is only there to give Baby a love interest and never stands on her own. Her personality is simply she just wants to get out of here and she likes music, she makes life altering decisions like they are nothing and her emotions ranged from happy to tearful. There was simply nothing to invest myself in.

There are some elements I was invested in however, specifically the other characters in the heist crew. I found myself invested way more in them than I did Baby. However, they felt very under-utilized looking back on it and were just there to make Baby seem more innocent. In my honest opinion, I think the movie would have much stronger if it focused more on the relationship between Baby and the rest of the crew, rather than the love interest. Another thing I should mention, is the movie has way too many gaps in logic.

Overall, Baby Driver is definitely a competently and well-made movie, but admittedly never resonated with me.

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: We see a close-up of Buddy being shot in the leg, with blood, but in the very next shot, there's no blood, or hole in his pants.


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Baby: You and I are a team.
Doc: Don't feed me any more lines from 'Monsters, Inc.' It pisses me off.

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Trivia: At the start of the film when Baby is walking with the coffees, the words to the song he is listening to are often seen on the walls as graffiti and on lamp posts as posters as he walks past.

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Question: During the heist at the post office, Baby shakes his head at a woman who in turn grabs a cop. When the lady was walking up, she smiled and waved like she knew him. However at the end during her testimony, it seems like she didn't know him after all. If that's the case, why did she smile and wave at him? Did I miss something?


Answer: The woman works at the Post Office and was the one who served Baby and Sam the day before. He's shaking his head at her because he doesn't want her to go in the building and get hurt/ killed in the heist that's happening at that time. She doesn't know him in a personal way like Joseph or Debora.

Heather Benton Premium member

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