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Corrected entry: There's no way Debora would ever be allowed to wear heeled ankle boots to her waitress job at Bo's Diner. Waiting staff are almost on their feet the whole day, so wearing heels would be unsuitable.

Correction: Clearly she was permitted to wear them. Just because something is not advised, does not make it a plot hole.

Corrected entry: When Baby is in his boss' car, the boss puts both hands on the steering wheel, and then the sound of the car's engine starting can be heard. He could not have turned the key/ pushed the button with both hands on the steering wheel.

Kit Sullivan

Correction: The scene you are suggesting simply did not happen in the movie. Please watch it again and you will see Baby start the car with the button before doing anything else.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, after the credit sequence finishes, when Baby places the coffee cups in front of each of the team members from the first heist and Doc, the cups make a hollow sound, indicating that they are actually empty.

Correction: The sound you hear is a carefully edited in noise to match the music. It's not the real sound of the prop being put down. Regardless of this, it sounds like a full cup being put down. Full coffee cups do still have a hollow base.

Continuity mistake: During the shooting between Bats, Darling and Buddy with the guy in the white suit and the "cops" Darling gets shot in the right arm then she keeps shooting and moves back, but in the next shot she is at the front again.


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Griff: If you don't see me again, it's because I'm dead.

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Trivia: If you watch the film with headphones or surround sound speakers, every time Baby is only wearing one headphone, the song he is listening to plays on that side only.


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Question: How long did Baby serve time in prison?

Answer: Baby is sentenced to twenty five years in prison, and is given a parole hearing after serving five years of the sentence. Baby is then released after the parole hearing, spending five years in prison.

Casual Person

Five years is correct - for one interpretation of the ending. Another possibility is that the ending we see is a fantasy and Baby served the full sentence. Some fans have this theory because Baby and Debora have not aged, and the car and her outfit are almost dreamlike in their presentation.

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