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Trivia: Towards the beginning of the movie, when Baby goes for coffee, watch the street art behind him (outside, across the street). It is mostly a bluish-purple, with a barely visible dark heart in the center. When he sees Debora, the heart has turned to bright red.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Baby is in the car that he stole after running away from the mall center and he crashes against the back of the pickup, you can see the cameraman and the crew member on his left reflected in the rear window.

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end where Baby is pushing Buddy's car off a multistory parking lot, after he says "Fuck you, Buddy" he uses a stick shift. However the truck he's using is a 1989 Chevrolet Blazer K-5, which does not incorporate a stick shift, only a column shift. As evidenced by the next scene when Debora uses a column shift to put the truck into reverse. The trucks are the same in each scene, also evidenced by the bullet holes in the windscreen in both scene.

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Doc: That's my baby.
Bats: Fuck your baby.

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Trivia: During the second heist, all of the crew are wearing Austin powers masks. Kevin Spacey who co-starred in this had a cameo appearance in the third Austin Powers film, playing himself.

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Answer: Baby had spent years being coerced into a life of crime, something which he was never happy with, and by that point had gotten tired of continuously running from his problems. He surrendered because he knew he had done a lot of terrible things and realised it was time to pay the price for it, as well as that he did not want Deborah to go through the same life of crime that he has gone through.

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