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Baby Driver (2017)

9 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: The shot of Baby's car being crushed begins with the proper Ford Taurus, but the car being crushed later is actually the 3rd generation Infiniti G35. (00:33:22)

Continuity mistake: The car at the arresting scene was boosted by Baby a couple scenes earlier. When he gets arrested, he suddenly has a key of the car and turns off the engine. How did he acquire the key of that boosted car?

Visible crew/equipment: In the opening sequence where Baby and his gang are riding away just after the bank robbery, and they finish in a car parking to leave their car and get into another one, a cameraman and another crew member are reflected on the car door window while Baby opens it.

Continuity mistake: During the shooting between Bats, Darling and Buddy with the guy in the white suit and the "cops" Darling gets shot in the right arm then she keeps shooting and moves back, but in the next shot she is at the front again.


Continuity mistake: We see a close-up of Buddy being shot in the leg, with blood, but in the very next shot, there's no blood, or hole in his pants.


Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end where Baby is pushing Buddy's car off a multistory parking lot, after he says "Fuck you, Buddy" he uses a stick shift. However the truck he's using is a 1989 Chevrolet Blazer K-5, which does not incorporate a stick shift, only a column shift. As evidenced by the next scene when Debora uses a column shift to put the truck into reverse. The trucks are the same in each scene, also evidenced by the bullet holes in the windscreen in both scene.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Baby is in the car that he stole after running away from the mall center and he crashes against the back of the pickup, you can see the cameraman and the crew member on his left reflected in the rear window.

Doc: That's my baby.
Bats: Fuck your baby.

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Trivia: If you watch the film with headphones or surround sound speakers, every time Baby is only wearing one headphone, the song he is listening to plays on that side only.


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Question: During the heist at the post office, Baby shakes his head at a woman who in turn grabs a cop. When the lady was walking up, she smiled and waved like she knew him. However at the end during her testimony, it seems like she didn't know him after all. If that's the case, why did she smile and wave at him? Did I miss something?


Answer: The woman works at the Post Office and was the one who served Baby and Sam the day before. He's shaking his head at her because he doesn't want her to go in the building and get hurt/ killed in the heist that's happening at that time. She doesn't know him in a personal way like Joseph or Debora.

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