Other mistake: When Tyrone gets into the car, he accidentally bumps heads with Vincent, who is sitting in the back seat. Robbie Gee's look of surprise is undoubtedly genuine.


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Suggested correction: While I agree that this was likely unscripted, if we are just looking within the world of the movie, Tyrone just accidentally bumps Vincent, and Vincent reacts like most people would.


Continuity mistake: When Brick top first visits Sol and Vinny, Brick top's henchmen are lining the outer office with plastic sheeting, and laying out their fat accomplice, yet nobody inside hears this.

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Suggested correction: They are listening to Bricktop and there is a smaller room in between with both doors shut.

Other mistake: Why does Boris remove and carefully wrap Franky's arm after he's cut it off? It would have been easier to cut at the wrist, therefore removing the need to take a bloody and very odd shaped parcel with you.

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Suggested correction: It's a pretty good point you bring up, and as many times as I've seen the movie, I never thought of that. And apparently, neither did Boris. This was a character decision, and one that falls right in line with his flair for the dramatic. We later see him casually walk out of his house with a huge gun and proceeded to walk down the street. I'm sure an arm attached to a briefcase was of no concern to him.


Continuity mistake: When Cousin Avi, Tony, and the big henchman are driving after bagging Boris, the big henchman is playing with a knife while they talk about killing Boris. The next time we see the henchman he is holding a sabre of sorts across his torso. After they crash, the sabre is going directly into his chest. This would not have happened unless at some point he held the sabre with the tip directly towards him.

Continuity mistake: Before Boris shoots Frankie Four Fingers, he reaches for his gun, then from the different angle he is still fiddling with his earplugs, not having yet reached for the gun. Then back to the original camera angle where the gun is in Boris' hand ready to shoot.

Continuity mistake: At the campsite when Mickey's mum stops the fight and gets led back inside the caravan, in one shot she is facing the right side of the doorway and in the next she is facing the left. (00:19:10)

Continuity mistake: When Vince and Sol rob the bookies, you see Sol wipe himself off twice, on his right leg. But, when Bricktop and his henchmen are watching the video later, he wipes himself about four times, differently than before.

Other mistake: When Turkish and Tommy go to see Mickey after his Mother's caravan burns down, a styrofoam cup is in the burnt out husk of the trailer. There's no way the cup would have survived the fire. (01:05:00)

Revealing mistake: During Cousin Avi's 'travel sequence' there's a quick shot of him downing some medication with a drink (it occurs right before the shot of the Concord screaming towards the camera). If you look closely it's clear the glass he's drinking from is empty.

Continuity mistake: When Boris gets hit by the car we see it twice from different perspectives, but twice from inside the car that hits him. The way his body goes over the front of the car is completely different in both shots.

Revealing mistake: When Bullet Tooth Tony shoots Boris the Blade in the pub, the prop gun misfires on the second shot - there is no flash but we hear two shots and something falls out of the barrel revealing it to be a prop gun.

Plot hole: The final boxing match when Mickey is supposed to go down in the 4th is wrong. In the 3rd round, when Mickey is down, Turkish says that all he has to do is stay down. That would be just as bad as Mickey knocking him out.

Turkish: It turns out the sweet talking, tattoo sporting pikey was a gypsy bare knuckle boxing champion. Which makes him harder than a coffin nail.


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Trivia: Madonna's music plays throughout the movie, due to the her marriage to Guy Ritchie, the movie's director perhaps?

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Question: Why does Boris not just chop Frankie's entire arm off the case instead of wrapping it in newspaper and taking the bloody stump with him?

Answer: It saves time, and it's a little twisted. Would you chase after a guy who you just saw cut off a dead guy's hand to get a briefcase, then just decided to take the hand with him?

Captain Defenestrator

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