Easter egg: The Zone 2 DVD contains an easter egg accessible by pressing 'up' twice. A dollar icon shows on screen, press 'enter' and you'll get to a list of spot fines whilst filming (mentioned on the 'Making of Snatch' feature). There are three pages of crimes and cost, browse them by hitting 'previous' and 'next'.

Easter egg: Go to the second page of extra features on the Zone 2 DVD. If you press 'up' once, a tone icon shows. Press 'enter' and you'll get to a page playing Doug's mobile ringing and a description of how you can program it into your own mobile. You'll find even an extra page with a special greeting if you from here press 'up' to enlighten Doug's picture and then press 'enter'. (This can only be done once per view.).

Easter egg: On the third page of extras on the Zone 2 DVD, press 'up' twice and press 'enter' when the number 1 is visible on screen to see famous scenes from the film with slightly different lines.

Easter egg: Go to the third page of extra features, press 'up' and an exclamation mark shows on screen. Press 'enter' and choose either 'yes' or 'no'. You'll see the most prominent clips from the film in terms of swearing, with or without concealing beeps. (Zone 2 DVD).

Easter egg: This feature is found in disc 2. On the main menu highlight the first item on the list. Push up and then push right it will take you to a fun montage.

Continuity mistake: When Sol, Vinnie and Tyrone are stopped at the fuel station the dog in the back is wearing a studded collar in one scene and in the next scene where Tyrone crashes the car the dog is wearing a chain collar.

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Turkish: It turns out the sweet talking, tattoo sporting pikey was a gypsy bare knuckle boxing champion. Which makes him harder than a coffin nail.

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Trivia: Brad Pitt almost turned down the role of Mickey O'Neil in this movie as director Guy Ritchie informed him that he would be playing a boxer, and feared being typecast as he had already played the same role in Fight Club (1999). Pitt took up the role anyway, as he desperately wanted to work with Ritchie.

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Question: Why does Boris not just chop Frankie's entire arm off the case instead of wrapping it in newspaper and taking the bloody stump with him?

Answer: It saves time, and it's a little twisted. Would you chase after a guy who you just saw cut off a dead guy's hand to get a briefcase, then just decided to take the hand with him?

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