Bullet Tooth Tony accidentally gets killed by Avi, who uncontrollably tries to shoot the dog who has just swallowed the diamond. Mickey knowing that Brick Top will kill him if he does, knocks out his opponent. As he leaves, we discover that Mickey had already worked out an attack on Brick Top's crew, as revenge for burning his mother's caravan with her in it. The Pikies kill all of them, including Brick Top. Turkish and Tommy go back to the camp site where the Pikies have vanished, they find the dog instead and take him. Sol and Vinny get arrested. The ending is like the beginning, the two are talking with someone (who happens to be Doug the Head). Doug talks about someone who might be interested in the diamond: Cousin Avi.

jared S

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Turkish: We've lost gorgeous George
Brick top: Well where'd you lose him? He ain't a set of fucking car keys is he?

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Trivia: Madonna's music plays throughout the movie, due to the her marriage to Guy Ritchie, the movie's director perhaps?

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Question: Why does Boris not just chop Frankie's entire arm off the case instead of wrapping it in newspaper and taking the bloody stump with him?

Answer: It saves time, and it's a little twisted. Would you chase after a guy who you just saw cut off a dead guy's hand to get a briefcase, then just decided to take the hand with him?

Captain Defenestrator

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