Corrected entry: When Boris first asks Sol if he would like a job, he says "50 grand for half a day's work" but after Vinnie and Sol get the briefcase he says "here is the 10 grand".

Correction: Boris thought that they would make that money from robbing the bookies, but all bets were off. They didn't get any money from the job, so Boris offered them 10 grand instead.

Corrected entry: Several times during the film, Cousin Avi refers to Frankie Four Fingers as "Bubbe" which is a Yiddish term of endearment for "Grandma" and would be inappropriate when addressing a man.

Correction: Of course it's not supposed to be used to address a man, that is the whole point. It's sarcastic humor.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: When Frankie Four Fingers first gets the diamond, he claims that it is 86 carats, but throughout the rest of the film it is referred to as a 84 carat diamond.

Correction: 1. It is referred to as an 84 carat diamond one time, at the end. Not throughout the whole film. 2. Frankie Four Fingers is a gambler, not a jeweler. How should he know anyway?


It's referred to as 84 carat when Boris turns up at the jewellers as well.

Corrected entry: After Boris the Blade killed Frankie Four Fingers he asks the other guys for the stone. They say they have put the stone back in the suitcase and that only Frankie knew the combination. If that is so, how did they get the stone out the first time? Would be unlikely for Frankie to open the suitcase for them (while he is cuffed) to take it out and then to close it to lock the suitcase again seconds before he dies (while cuffed)... Additionally it is a totally stupid idea to put the diamond back in the suitcase. This all just seems to happen to make the guys know about the stone and then to have it back in the suitcase.

Correction: This is untrue. Vinnie cannot be seen putting the diamond back in the suitcase. This is a mistake.

Correction: Vinny can be seen putting the diamond back in the case and closing it at one stage. Perhaps they are so scared of Boris he thinks it better to put it back first. Vinny isn't exactly a bright character. In a deleted scene, Frank Four Fingers opens the case, grabs a gun hidden in the case and tries to fire it. The gun is from Boris the Blade, so of course it does not work (see Tommy trying a Boris the Blade gun later in the movie). That is how Vinny, Sol and Tyrone see the diamond the first time.

Corrected entry: When Cousin Avi kills Tony, his shirt is pink then he returns to New York and in the plane sequence, the shirt is yellow. Then in immigration, it is pink again.

Correction: Throughout the movie, there are ridiculous costume changes, as it is intentionally done by the director. If you watch the movie, he does this three times.

Corrected entry: Why do Sol, Vincent and Tyrone use replica guns when 1) they know they're going up against two heavily armed sociopaths in Boris the Blade and Bullet-Tooth Tony, and 2) they have access to real guns, as evident in both the bookie scene and in the scene where Boris kills Frankie?

Correction: Sol and Vinnie have an argument about whether or not they should use replicas. Last time they used a real gun (at the bookies), it was turned against them. But most important is: Not being very bright is a character mistake, not a movie mistake.

Correction: In addition to the above correction: guns are both quite hard and very expensive to get ahold of in Britain. It's not hard to imagine Vincent had to pay a pretty penny for the shotgun, and either couldn't afford to get additional guns, or whoever supplied him wasn't able to get more for him by the time they go after Boris and Tony, thus the need to use replicas instead.

Corrected entry: In the pub shootout scene, when Bullet-Tooth Tony is reloading his gun in the corridor, a completely random voice says "Put the Gun Away". Its not the guy who's on the floor, as his voice has a distinctive accent and the random voice doesn't.

James Ollier

Correction: It's Cousin Avi. His voice is muffled, as he's probably in a heap on the floor, but it's definately him.

Corrected entry: When Tommy "tests" the handgun Boris gave him out the window of the van, you hear a click, meaning the firing pin works, but no bullet fires. This means there's something wrong with the bullet, not the gun.

Correction: When you hear a "click" it means the hammer works and the firing pin does not. The "click" is the hammer hitting the firing pin, which does not go forward to strike the shell casing.

Corrected entry: They mess up the number of times Tony fired his Desert Eagle quite a lot, especially in the hallway shootout scene. While Boris Avi and the black crew are arguing in the hallway, Tony fires 8 shots through the wall. Desert Eagles (the .50 calibre version, which is shown) CAN hold 8, 7 in the magazine and the 8th in the chamber. But before he fires, he cocks the slide to cock the hammer. If he did that, any bullet that would be in the chamber would be ejected. None is ejected so it must have loaded the first shell in the magazine. Hence the capacity of the gun is 7. He couldn't have fired 8 shots. He then kicks down the door and walks into the hallway, slaps in another magazine and again cocks the slide. Again based on how he loads the gun there can only possibly be 7 shots. He fires 8 at Boris. (01:16:30 - 01:17:15)

Correction: In close ups, the gun has a teardrop shaped safety, so it is a MKI, which was never chambered in .50AE. Therefore the prop gun is likely a .44 Magnum which holds 8 rounds. So Tony is a blagger who has had Desert Eagle .50 written on the side of his .44. If it was really in .50AE he would have to have the strongest wrists in the world to hold that gun one handed at weird angles and have no recoil (although that's a standard problem in films. At least in Dirty Harry, Clint raised the muzzle after each shot to give the impression of recoil).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mickey is trying to save his Mum in the burning caravan and his friends and family are trying to stop him going in, notice he has no tattoo's at all on his body.

Correction: Incorrect. They are there. It is extremely dark, but you can see them when the two men trying to stop him from rushing into the caravan stop, and he pauses to reflect on what has just happened, there is a brief second where you can see them on his body, but because of sweat, and light reflection, they are not very clear.

Corrected entry: Right near the end, when Brick Top asks the guys in the Jaguar for a gun to kill Turkish and Tommy, the window rolls down, and Brick Top is killed. Look very carefully at the second gunman, the one farthest from the camera. It's Clive Owen in an uncredited roll.

Correction: Although there may be similarities, this is not Clive Owen.

Corrected entry: Tyrone stakes out Boris the Blade's home, and phones Vinnie and Sol when Boris arrives home. Vinnie and Sol hang up the phone before Tyrone can explain the situation in greater detail, and they rush over to Boris' house. When they arrive, Tyrone tells them that Boris has been locked in the trunk of the car, but he does not identify the two men (Avi and Bullet-Tooth) who have gone inside. Considering that Avi and Bullet-Tooth had just coerced the trio at gunpoint into revealing that Boris had the diamond, Tyrone should have easily identified them.

Correction: Tyrone had gone to the bathroom, so he couldn't have identified them while they were confronted by Bullet-Tooth.

Corrected entry: When Sol and Vinnie are robbing the bookies the shotgun is loaded twice in this scene before shooting the security screen.

Correction: The first sound is of Vinnie's pistol hammer being cocked, not Sol's shotgun; you can hear a slight difference.

Corrected entry: When Sol and Vinny are robbing the bookie's, Sol uses the shotgun to blast a hole in the security barrier. When he does this, the shotgun kicks back into his stomach, and he is momentarily winded. But when the bald woman takes the shotgun and fires it over the counter, there is very little kick, even though she is holding it out at arms length. Not only would holding it like this cause the gun fly out of her hands, but she doesn't look like someone strong enough to keep hold of the gun at all.

Correction: When Sol uses the shotgun, he holds it straight on towards his stomach, but when the bookie fires it, she holds it facing down, and then she falls down, and the gun tilts upwards, the force of the blow was diverted more upwards than back, but it was still there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frankie Four Fingers is at the tailor, he has all five fingers on his left hand.

Correction: Franky four fingers is supposed to have all five fingers on the left hand. His right hand is missing the ring finger, as shown in this scene and several others.

Corrected entry: When it shows the Pikeys over running Brick Tops car at the end fight, the guy in the back rolls the window down and gets shot. The guy in the front passengers seat looks back, his window then gets smashed. But when it shows Brick Top knocking on the same window that got smashed asking for the shooter it appears normal, no broken glass, nothing.

Correction: Brick top knocks on the right rear window. The front left one got smashed, and would not be visible in the shot of Bricktop.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Turkish and Tommy are at the caravan park, they are stopped by some police and the policeman shows his I.D. An English police I.D consists of a badge which is usually on the right hand side of the badge, and an I.D card showing with a photo of the officer and his rank on the left. Look carefully and you can see there is no I.D card.

Correction: So he didn't show his I.D. card. Not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Frankie Four Fingers is talking to cousin Avi on the phone while being suited, his dress changes drastically between the shots of him and Avi.

Correction: This is obviously what is meant to happen, it is supposed to be FUNNY!!

Corrected entry: In the corridor of the pub when Tony kills Boris, he points his gun at Tyrone and tries to shoot him, the gun clicks as if to have run out of bullets but the working parts of the gun are still forwards, if it had fired all the rounds in the magazine they would be held to the rear.

Correction: The last bullet in the gun was probably a dud. To back this up, Tony is supposed to be fairly professional therefore we would have a mental note of how many bullets had been fired (trust me, you can tell when you shoot alot) so he would have said "you lucky bastard" not because Tony had luckily run out of bullets, but because the last bullet was a dud.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Boris goes to Vinnie and Sol's shop to get the briefcase, Boris puts in earplugs and then shoots Frankie. Then either Vinnie or Sol starts to talk to him and you see Boris remove his left earplug and they cut to Sol and Vinnie. When the camera cuts back to Boris the earplug is still in his ear.

Correction: It's not an earplug. It's a hearing aid.

Correction: It was an earplug. He put an earplug into either ear because he knew he was about to fire his gun.

Continuity mistake: Look closely at the characters list at the end titles: it reads "Gyspy Kids" instead of "Gypsy Kids".

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Turkish: It turns out the sweet talking, tattoo sporting pikey was a gypsy bare knuckle boxing champion. Which makes him harder than a coffin nail.


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Trivia: Madonna's music plays throughout the movie, due to the her marriage to Guy Ritchie, the movie's director perhaps?

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Question: Why exactly does Brick Top hate Tommy so much? What does he have against him? Is it because Tommy reminds Brick Top of someone from his past who he found annoying and insufferable? Or did Brick Top straight up not like Tommy from the start? I've seen this film many times and I've never been able to figure out why this is the case.

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