Corrected entry: When Tony is shooting at Boris and he just won't die, Tony fires a total of 8 shots, the last one being Tony actually aiming down the sights. Desert Eagle magazines only hold 7 rounds.

Correction: Tony is a blagger who actually has a .44 Magnum, rather than a .50AE. You can see from close up shots that it has a teardrop shape safety, which means it's a Mk1 which was never chambered in 50. A .44 mag holds 8 rounds and a .357 holds 9. The really ugly "Desert Eagle .50" font on the gun is also non standard. So I reckon he has a .44 magnum that just has "desert eagle .50" written on the side. He consistently fires 8 rounds before reloading. How Avi fires about 11 shots with it in the "look in the dog" scene is a different matter.

Correction: Unless he put one in the chamber. Then there would be 7 in the magazine too, making it 8 rounds total.


Continuity mistake: When Sol, Vinnie and Tyrone are stopped at the fuel station the dog in the back is wearing a studded collar in one scene and in the next scene where Tyrone crashes the car the dog is wearing a chain collar.

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Turkish: We've lost gorgeous George
Brick top: Well where'd you lose him? He ain't a set of fucking car keys is he?

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Trivia: Madonna's music plays throughout the movie, due to the her marriage to Guy Ritchie, the movie's director perhaps?

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Question: Why does Boris not just chop Frankie's entire arm off the case instead of wrapping it in newspaper and taking the bloody stump with him?

Answer: It saves time, and it's a little twisted. Would you chase after a guy who you just saw cut off a dead guy's hand to get a briefcase, then just decided to take the hand with him?

Captain Defenestrator

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