Factual error: In the scene where Cousin Avi takes Bullet Tooth Tony's Desert Eagle, he unloads on the dog & kills Tony by accident. He shoots a total of 10 shots, but Desert Eagle .50's only hold 7 in the clip & one in the chamber. He never reloaded his gun.

Factual error: They mess up the number of times Tony fired his Desert Eagle quite a lot, especially in the hallway shootout scene. While Boris Avi and the black crew are arguing in the hallway, Tony fires 8 shots through the wall. Desert Eagles (the .50 calibre version, which is shown) CAN hold 8, 7 in the magazine and the 8th in the chamber. But before he fires, he cocks the slide to cock the hammer. If he did that, any bullet that would be in the chamber would be ejected. None is ejected so it must have loaded the first shell in the magazine. Hence the capacity of the gun is 7. He couldn't have fired 8 shots. He then kicks down the door and walks into the hallway, slaps in another magazine and again cocks the slide. Again based on how he loads the gun there can only possibly be 7 shots. He fires 8 at Boris. (01:16:30 - 01:17:15)

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New this month Suggested correction: In close ups, the gun has a teardrop shaped safety, so it is a MKI, which was never chambered in.50AE. Therefore the prop gun is likely a .44 Magnum which holds 8 rounds. So Tony is a blagger who has had Desert Eagle.50 written on the side of his .44. If it was really in.50AE he would have to have the strongest wrists in the world to hold that gun one handed at weird angles and have no recoil (although that's a standard problem in films. At least in Dirty Harry, Clint raised the muzzle after each shot to give the impression of recoil).

Factual error: At the end of the film when Turkish and Tommy are at the spot where the caravan site use to stand, some police officers come and ask them what they are doing. When the police officer shows his badge which is held in a leather wallet, the badge he shows is one of the royal crest and in London a police officer carries a badge with portcullis symbol on.

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