Captain America: Civil War

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie we're told there are 7 hostiles left, then Falcon takes out 3 more and says "5 hostiles left".

Correction: Falcon only takes out two hostiles. When he first lands, he knocks both of them to the ground but one of the hostiles stands back up ready to shoot him, which he manages to shoot first.

Corrected entry: Okay, giving the movie a huge benefit of the doubt and say that it is in fact possible for Black Widow to survive a hand grenade exploding three feet away by hiding behind a mercenary, it's inside of an armored car. The sound of the blast alone would be concentrated by the metal walls, and leave her very deaf.


Correction: She could be wearing earplugs, 1 for a radio the other to protect her ears from explosions.


Corrected entry: When the Winter Soldier is chased through Bucharest, it is by the German police, instead of Romanian.

Correction: He's being chased by the CIA taskforce operating out of the Berlin headquarters, which is also where they take him after the arrest. The fact that they are using German arrest teams makes sense.


Corrected entry: When war machine lands besides Cap and Bucky and says "stand down" the distance among them changes between shots.

Correction: This is an issue with perspective not distance.

Corrected entry: Even if Steve's enormous biceps are strong enough to hold back a helicopter, it would easily be able to take off between the time that he latched onto it and the time that he grabbed the rail. He provides no anchoring at this time, other than his body weight. That wouldn't be nearly enough to hold the helicopter down for as long as he does. (01:09:00)


Correction: Steve wasn't holding the helicopter down with his bodyweight - he threw the balance off when he leaped up and grabbed it and Bucky was trying to correct the balance so he could take off without potentially crashing or losing control. You can see the helicopter wobbling after Steve grabs onto it, and Bucky looking shocked and using the controls to try and correct it. By the time the balance had been corrected, Steve was able to grab onto the ledge and hold it.

Corrected entry: After the big fight between Team Cap and Team Iron Man, Steve and Bucky fly to the bunker where the others winter soldiers are sleeping. Tony takes Rhodes to the doctor, then goes to the prison where Falcon and the others are caught, then flies to the bunker and he arrives almost at the same time as Steve and Bucky.


Correction: It all depends on the speed at which Cap and Bucky could find the base plus any additional time that they might have needed to take to stop/refuel/sleep/etc. versus Tony/Iron Man's top speed when he departs for the base. (Especially as the Iron Man armor is faster than many military jets by this point in development.) It's clear that at least some time has elapsed by the time Tony leaves.

Corrected entry: When Tony watches the recording of his parents killing by the Winter Soldier, you see the latter shooting the surveillance camera (why there was a camera there in the first place is unknown) in order to avoid being recorded. That is obviously idiotic, since shooting a surveillance camera most likely doesn't result in the destruction of the recording, which is typically kept off-site as well. He should have destroyed the camera before being recorded himself.


Correction: He didn't notice the camera until then. He shot it in frustration or simply because he is ordered to do that whenever he sees one.


Corrected entry: From the time Captain America and Falcon are taken into custody to when they arrive at the detention facility, their clothes have changed...I understand them removing their uniforms and equipment, but they obviously stopped at a trendy store to pick up some very nice clothes and leather jackets rather than wearing scrubs or some kind of prison coveralls.

William Lloyd Blair

Correction: Or, more likely, picked up their clothes that they had ready to change into after capturing/rescuing Bucky.

Corrected entry: When Captain America steals the car to chase Black Panther, he knocks the windshield completely out. As the chase continues, the windshield reappears on the car.

Correction: The windscreen never reappears. It is hard to tell in the dark tunnels, and sometimes looks like a tinted window, but there are no reflections to indicate the windscreen is back.

Corrected entry: In the airport battle Hawkeye fires an arrow at Black Panther, which suddenly becomes two arrows.


Correction: Hawkeye fires 2 arrows in a single shot. He also has arrows that split into multiple pieces, as shown when he is fighting Iron Man.

Corrected entry: When Steve is holding the helicopter his hand is holding the rail from underneath, then the overhead shot shows his hand on top of the rail, then back to underneath in all shots after that.

Correction: Steve holds the rail overhand for the first front shot and the following overhead shot. Return to the front shot and we actually see Steve switch to an underhand grip, which he maintains for all following shots.

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Corrected entry: When Zemo drowns Karpov, while he is upside down the level of the water increases a lot between shots.


Correction: When he is torturing him, the water stays consistently just below his nose. Then he turns the water on full power, they show the container fill up above his nose then he walks away, showing the container overflow with water. This all stays consistent throughout the scene.

Corrected entry: After Tony sees the video from 1991, his Iron Man helmet is off, but when he hits Captain America, his helmet is on.


Correction: His helmet emerges from within the suit as he attacks Captain America. He is shown to do this several times in the film. It's fast, but can be seen.

Continuity mistake: As Captain America arrives in his car at the airport car park, he stops right next to the line dividing the spots. In the following shot, when he steps out, the car is further away from the line, more towards the center of the spot. (01:26:50)

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Bucky Barnes: [Webbed down after the Falcon got rid of Spider-Man.] You couldn't have done that earlier?
Sam Wilson: [Also webbed down.] I hate you.

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Trivia: In the film Falcon uses a drone named Redwing. In the comics he uses a real falcon with the same name.

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