Visible crew/equipment: There is camera equipment reflected in the door window when leaving the police station.


Continuity mistake: In the garage, Tatum slams the fridge door into the killers face, the killer knocks the door with his arm, and it opens fully. But in the next wide shot of the killer getting up, the fridge door is closed. (01:03:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Skeet is first shot by Gale he crawls backward, but if you look at the ghost face behind him there is no knife there. The next shot there is a knife on top of the ghost face.

Revealing mistake: When Ghostface is running after Casey, when he stabs her you can see the knife is a retractable one.


Audio problem: When Tatum throws the first beer bottle at the killer, she yells out, "F***er," but her mouth doesn't move. (01:04:05)

Continuity mistake: When Sidney and Tatum arrive at Stu's party, they are dropped off by Dewey. Then the two girls walk to Stu's house. The bags Tatum is carrying are switched when they are walking inside the house (when she says "Catering is here").

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Continuity mistake: When Sidney is talking to Tatum and Stu by the lockers, the combination locks she's standing by are black in a closeup, but when a student runs past in a scream costume, she is by lockers with a pink and a turquoise colour lock. (00:40:50)

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Factual error: During the scene where the group of friends is watching Halloween, one boy says something like "Why do they do that? The blood is all wrong. It's too red." The problem is, during that part of the movie, no blood is shown or even implied. Bob is just pinned against the wall.

Continuity mistake: When Sidney is in the bathroom at school, the trash on the floor around the trashcan changes.


Continuity mistake: When Tatum is throwing beer bottles at ghost face in the garage, there is beer and foam all over his costume...until he lands on the stairs behind her. (01:04:10)

Continuity mistake: The Halloween scenes in the movie don't match up. For example, Randy is watching the part where JLC first discovers the bodies. About ten movie minutes later in Halloween, she's hiding from Michael Myers in the closet. Then Billy gets the idea to search for Sidney, because that's the scene currently playing. Too much time occurs between scenes for this to occur.

Revealing mistake: When Sidney sticks her finger in the wound made when Sidney stabbed Billy with the umbrella, Skeet Ulriches skin pad visibly does not connect with his neck.

Deliberate mistake: When Sidney is typing the message to the police, you can see that there are red lights flashing, which must mean the police are there, 5 seconds after she types. Obviously deliberately done for the humor.

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Continuity mistake: When Stu puts the voice box and phone in Sidney's dad's jacket pocket and lets him fall, when he hits the ground the voice box partly falls out, but then when they show the dad again the voice box is tucked back in.


Visible crew/equipment: Look closely (you may need widescreen to see it) at the railing when Sidney is walking up the stairs outside in her parent's wooden patio talking to Tatum on the phone. You'll notice a quick boom shadow on the right of the camera as it's backing up.

Continuity mistake: When the killer sneaks up on Randy, Randy is lying back against the sofa. When Ghostface raises the knife Randy is lying back, relaxed with a tired look on his face. On the delayed footage when the killer raises the knife, Randy leans forward and is practically on the edge of the seat, his mouth and eyes wide open.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tatum gets closed in the garage door, the first time it shows her arm hanging down. In the next scene, it shows her arm caught in the door.


Continuity mistake: When all the guys are sat outside of the school talking about who (a male or a female) is the murderer, Tatum's leg is behind Stu's leg. In that same action, we go to a close up and suddenly Tatum's leg is in front of Stu's leg.


Continuity mistake: When the whole gang is watching Halloween, they see the scene in which Michael Myers impales a victim with a knife, which suspends him from the wall. Just before Randy pauses the movie, Michael Myers is standing and admiring his handiwork. When Randy pauses it, the frame is of Michael Myers raising the knife, which of course, happened 10-15 seconds ago.

Continuity mistake: The first time that Casey Becker is stabbed by the ghostface, you can see the knife go into her chest, very deeply, but no blood is there, but directly in the next shot, her shirt is covered in blood.

Randy: There are certain rules one must abide in order to sucuessfully survive a horror movie, rule number one, you can never have sex.
[Everyone jeers.]
Randy: Big no-no! Big no-no!
Stu: I'd be a dead man.
Randy: Rule number two, you can never drink or do drugs. [Everyone clacks their beers together.] It's the sin factor. An extension of number one. And number three, never, ever, under any circumstances say "I'll be right back." Because you won't be back.
Stu: Hey, I'm gettin' another beer, you want one?
Randy: Yeah, sure.
Stu: [Dramatically.] I'll be right back!
Randy: Yeah, you bent the rules. I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife.

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Trivia: The original title of the film was 'Scary Movie', the same title as its spoof.

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