Continuity mistake: When Van Patten is talking to Admiral Porter about the light cannons not being tested, she's holding her clipboard up and a pen is between her fingers. When the scene changes angles the pen is now attached to the clipboard and there's an extra piece of paper in front, then when Admiral Porter turns and walks away, the pen and paper are gone again.


Continuity mistake: While the Indian guy is taking a shot of the pixel attacking the Taj Mahal, his cell phone switches hands between shots.


Continuity mistake: When playing Donkey Kong in the competition. Cooper finishes Level 21 by jumping over the last piece holding the Ape up and then it says GAME OVER, when he should go to the next level.

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Trivia: Futurama's "Anthology of Interest II" episode contained a segment called "Raiders of the Lost Arcade" where Fry asks what would happen if life was more like a video game. In the segment, video games come to life and attack Earth, and it's up to Fry to save the day because of his video game playing skills. Billy West, who voices Fry, later performed voices in "Pixels", which was based on this premise.


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Question: Why did Lady Lisa look like an ordinary person instead of a Pixel?

Answer: She was a pixel but turned into an ordinary person. Probably to make the fight look epic.

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