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Corrected entry: When Cooper and the Prime Minister are watching the Sky News report, it is night time outside, but the time on the live report reads 15:48. The news is being broadcast in Britain and Sky News is a British news channel so there would be no time difference.

Casual Person

Correction: While the airing of the news is live, they are not watching it live. It was recorded so they could watch it later with the president (such as on a DVR). They even pause it at the end.


Corrected entry: Duck hunt was front and center in this movie but was not released until '84.

Ann Peck Abdelzaher

Correction: Duck Hunt was only release on the NES platform in 1984. However, it was part of Nintendo's Laser Clay Shooting System and released in 1976.


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The main character from the video game "Paperboy" is among the alien invaders in the final battle; since that game was first released in 1984, he shouldn't be there, because the probe the aliens received featuring video game footage was launched into space in 1982.



Futurama's "Anthology of Interest II" episode contained a segment called "Raiders of the Lost Arcade" where Fry asks what would happen if life was more like a video game. In the segment, video games come to life and attack Earth, and it's up to Fry to save the day because of his video game playing skills. Billy West, who voices Fry, later performed voices in "Pixels", which was based on this premise.