The film ends with Mitch and Blaire remaining on the call, billie227 (Laura) asks who posted the video. They deny they posted it. Laura counts down and towards the end of the countdown, Blaire messages Laura on Facebook saying "It was him" meaning Mitch posted the video. Mitch dies. Blaire who is besides herself crying her bf is dead, she thinks this is over until Laura counts down again, Blaire questions why she is counting down still and during the countdown she shows Laura old pics of the fun times they had together. Then Laura pulls up a video on Facebook, it shows Blaire after filming Laura passed out drunk and she says "I GOT HER!" Blaire apologizes and many people are commenting for Blaire to kill herself, upset, she thinks this is over when Laura hangs up, until the ghost of Laura comes into her bedroom shuts her laptop and comes straight at her, killing her.

Luke Ferretti

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