Factual error: When Laura Barns is counting down the final time and each number show up as a notification in the upper right hand corner, they should also show up under the Skype chat but instead, Laura's previous message remains.

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Continuity mistake: When Blair asks Mitch "why aren't you answering me?" he says he got a weird message from Laura Barns. Blair replies "that's not funny" and Mitch replies "I'm serious." Then Blair gets a message from Laura, and when she switches back to Mitch's conversation, the last two entries, "that's not funny" and "I'm serious" have disappeared. (00:10:50 - 00:12:30)

Mike Walker

Factual error: Since the POV of the movie is from Blaire Lily's computer screen, Blaire's video feed should not have any lag or connection issues.

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Billie227: Can someone please explain the rules to Laura?
Adam Sewell: Why don't you explain to her, you GAY MAN.

Blaire Lily: Please, Laura we are not bad people... we are good people.
Laura: Really? Are you sure about that?

Adam Sewell: Fuck you Blaire.
Blaire Lily: I Hate you so much Adam.

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Question: Is the entire movie through the eyes of Blaire or the computer?

Chosen answer: Given the scene at the end of the film (the computer slams shut and Laura attacks Blaire) is in a POV, it should be assumed that it takes place through the eyes of Blaire.


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