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Continuity mistake: When Blair asks Mitch "why aren't you answering me?" he says he got a weird message from Laura Barns. Blair replies "that's not funny" and Mitch replies "I'm serious." Then Blair gets a message from Laura, and when she switches back to Mitch's conversation, the last two entries, "that's not funny" and "I'm serious" have disappeared. (00:10:50 - 00:12:30)

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Factual error: When Laura Barns is counting down the final time and each number show up as a notification in the upper right hand corner, they should also show up under the Skype chat but instead, Laura's previous message remains.

Factual error: Blaire shares her entire screen to everyone to show the "EXPOSURE" link, but didn't unshare it and she still messages to Mitch privately, Since the screen is shared to all it should be visible to everyone.

Continuity mistake: When Laura Barns posts the photo of Val Rommel on Val's Facebook page with the curling iron, Facebook says the post is submitted in November. It should have been in March, the anniversary of Laura Barns' death.

Factual error: At the end when you see Blaire's Facebook wall, you see a post under the newly uploaded Laura video that says "Sending love across the veil to a truly great friend, RIP Laura" this message was posted March 9 but the movie says her death date was April 12, 2013. (01:15:21 - 01:20:20)

Factual error: It's the one year anniversary of Laura's death, which, according to what is stated on the LiveLeak page and other parts of the movie, happened on April 12, 2013. The clock on the computer desktop says "Mon 8:57", but April 12, 2014 would be a Saturday. (00:00:40)

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Billie227: Can someone please explain the rules to Laura?
Adam Sewell: Why don't you explain to her, you GAY MAN.

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Question: Is the entire movie through the eyes of Blaire or the computer?

Answer: Given the scene at the end of the film (the computer slams shut and Laura attacks Blaire) is in a POV, it should be assumed that it takes place through the eyes of Blaire.


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