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Continuity mistake: After the fight ends between Dalton and Jimmy, Jimmy is killed and kicked into the water. When Doc pulls Jimmy's body out and onto the sand, his eyes are wide open. Immediately after from a further camera angle, his eyes are closed before Doc attempts to close them.


Continuity mistake: When Dalton rips the guy's throat out, he wipes his hand on his pants and no blood is on his hand or pants, the next cut shows him looking at his hand full of blood.


Audio problem: When Dalton gets into the bar and the band is playing "road house blues" there is a moment while the singer is away from the mic but his voice is still on.

Continuity mistake: Swayze and his new landlord are standing near the horse corral talking. His landlord says "Calling me sir, is like putting an elevator, in an outhouse, don't belong. I'm Emmitt". Swayze says "I'm Dalton". Notice Swayze has his eyes open normally and fully when they shake hands. In the second shot of the same handshake, the sun suddenly glares, and Swayze is suddenly squinting in the bright light. Weather don't move that fast, folks. (00:20:45)

Revealing mistake: In the first fight in the entire movie, the first guy Dalton punches is bleeding from the nose before Dalton actually makes contact.


Continuity mistake: After Jimmy's body is fished out of the pond by Doc, his eyes are open, but they are closed in the next shot.

Factual error: The story takes place in Missouri. In a brief scene just before the monster truck wreaks havoc at the car dealership, Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch are shown driving toward the camera. In the background, a highway sign shows "Ventura" and the highway number. It's a California sign.


Continuity mistake: Swayze gives away his Benz to an African American man, but the hands of the person starting the car seem to belong to a Caucasian man. (00:06:05 - 00:07:10)

Revealing mistake: When the monster truck takes out the auto dealership, you can see a road sign that says 'Los Angeles Bakersfield'. The movie takes place in Joplin, Missouri.

Factual error: Desert and mountain scenery is visible throughout the film despite being set in Missouri; there is no desert anywhere near Missouri, and its only mountains are the Ozarks, which are smaller and more rounded in appearance than those seen in this film.


Continuity mistake: Dalton exits his car and tosses the keys to the African American wino, saying 'keep it, it's yours', then walks away. The wino uncovers the car and gets in, but the hand that puts the key in the ignition is caucasian.

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Suggested correction: The car that is under the cover is Dalton's actual 'non-junker' car. It is Dalton's hand that turns the key, henceforth, Caucasian.

Red Webster: Don't ever marry an ugly woman. Just sucks the life right out of you.

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Trivia: When Wade Garrett (Sam Elliot) first shows up at the Double Deuce, there is a fight out back by the delivery truck. Morgan (Terry Funk) says 'none of your business, Dad' to Wade. Terry Funk is two months older than Sam Elliot in real life.

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Question: In the scene just before the party at Brad Wesley's house, Dalton is reading a book by the window in his room. What is the name of the book he's reading?

Joe Hiles

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