Road House

Factual error: When Bigfoot is about to drive through the car dealership it squeals tires with a high pitched squeal. IF it could spin those big meats it would be a deep hound dog like bark. (01:40:40)


Factual error: How did the Mercedes stay on course with no driver? Even if the steering wheel was locked in place the holes, bumps, or uneven grass would have skewed the car's path as long as it was driving by itself. (01:40:40)


Factual error: When they are at the Ford dealership, they're supposed to be in Kansas City where the Double Deuce is. But a sign reads "100 Miles to Bakersfield" on the road next the to the Ford dealership after they smash the cars. (01:25:55)


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Suggested correction: The sign does not read "100 miles to Bakersfield" nor does it read, "Bakersfield 100" It says "Los Angeles Bakersfield" with an arrow. Obviously it is directing traffic to the southbound and northbound ramps to I-5, somewhere north of Los Angeles.

Factual error: The car blows up in Mr Weasley's property towards the end of the movie and the guy touches the door to open it to check if Dalton is dead. The door would have been too hot to hold on to the door handle for more than a second without a burn. (01:41:35)

Gloria Estrada Barron

Factual error: The story takes place in Missouri. In a brief scene just before the monster truck wreaks havoc at the car dealership, Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch are shown driving toward the camera. In the background, a highway sign shows "Ventura" and the highway number. It's a California sign.


Factual error: Desert and mountain scenery is visible throughout the film despite being set in Missouri; there is no desert anywhere near Missouri, and its only mountains are the Ozarks, which are smaller and more rounded in appearance than those seen in this film.


Visible crew/equipment: When Dalton is getting the antenna at Red's, when the camera scans to show red, you can clearly see someone handing him the antenna through the shelves. (00:34:05)

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Red Webster: Don't ever marry an ugly woman. Just sucks the life right out of you.

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Trivia: When Wade Garrett (Sam Elliot) first shows up at the Double Deuce, there is a fight out back by the delivery truck. Morgan (Terry Funk) says 'none of your business, Dad' to Wade. Terry Funk is two months older than Sam Elliot in real life.

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Question: In the scene just before the party at Brad Wesley's house, Dalton is reading a book by the window in his room. What is the name of the book he's reading?

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