Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
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Revealing mistake: Just before Luke chops off Darth Vader's hand in the battle at the end of the movie, you can see that the bar has already been cut (the line is visible) to give the illusion that Luke cut through the steel bar with his lightsaber as well as Vader's hand. (01:48:45)

Revealing mistake: When Darth Vader lands on the forest moon of Endor, he exits the shuttle and his head passes through it. (01:19:30)

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Revealing mistake: When Luke and Vader enter the Emperor's throne room, in the shot from behind, you can see the stairs through Luke. (01:26:30)

Revealing mistake: After the Rebels break into the bunker, a Rebel in the background punches an officer. But if you watch closely or play it in slow motion, the Rebel's hand never comes into contact with the officer's face.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Han and Lando are talking in the hangar after the big meeting about the new Death Star, right when the scene opens and the shot pans down, notice how half the hangar is real and the other half is a matte painting. (00:49:30)

Revealing mistake: (Widescreen Only) The rancor puppeteer's arm can be seen on the far right side of the screen as it starts poking at a hiding Luke.

Revealing mistake: When Luke and Leia swing to the skiff on the rope, in the shot from the back, Leia is obviously played by a stunt woman - the birthmark on Carrie Fisher's back, which can be seen a few times on board the sail barge, is missing. (00:35:00)

Revealing mistake: Widescreen version: After Luke cuts off Vader's hand, the Emperor says, "Now, fulfill your destiny, and take your father's place at my side." In the next shot, Luke's lightsaber blade goes through the railing, without damaging it. (01:49:15)

Revealing mistake: In the wide-shot where Luke leaps from the prisoner skiff over to another skiff, you can see the stick used during the filming, which is much shorter than the regular one. The blade is not even glowing. (It is not just simply the hilt of the sabre, it's too long for that.). (00:32:15)

Revealing mistake: When the shield generator explodes, a piece of shrapnel flies towards the left side of the screen and then flies back, because it bounces off the inside of the building the miniature was housed in. (01:50:05)

Revealing mistake: After the rebels have destroyed the radar on Endor, there's a shot of Lando and a Sullustean laughing, and after that, a shot of spaceships. One Y-Wing passes in front of an X-Wing, but the light of its engines disappears a little bit before.

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Revealing mistake: During the lightsaber duel, Vader throws his at Luke. The catwalk behind Luke explodes, but if you watch in slow-motion there are two explosions: one some inches over where the lightsaber actually hits and one far on the left.

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Revealing mistake: When Luke is in the Rancor pit, there is a Rodian in the crowd - some of his fingers are hanging from his hands. Cheap costume. He makes hand gestures like Mr. Burns - helps to find him.

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Revealing mistake: In one quick scene when Luke's hologram is talking to Jabba, the film has been reversed. The camera shows Jabba sucking on his 'bong' and then pans down to Salacious Crumb. However, during the Jabba shot, the air bubbles in the 'bong' are going down, as opposed to surfacing. Behind Jabba, you can see the smoke created is also going downward.

Revealing mistake: If you watch closely (or play it in slow motion) when the scout trooper punches Han, you can see that the troopers hand never actually comes into contact with is face. (00:55:45)

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Vader throws the Emperor into the pit, the Emperor is obviously a puppet, because he doesn't move at all. (01:52:15)

Revealing mistake: When Luke somersaults over up to a platform above him when fighting Vader, If you look at the hair of Luke jumping, you will notice that the stunt double's hair is much more blonde than Mark Hamill's.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Han and Chewie sneak up on the two storm troopers on the Endor moon, Han steps on a twig, it snaps, and the trooper turns around and punches him. Watch in slow motion as the punch is released, Han starts falling backwards before the fist hits him.

Revealing mistake: When the Tydirium shuttle is flying toward the imperial spaceships, there's a frontal shot of it and a strange thing appears near the shuttle for a few frames. It's not the kind of marks that appears on an old film, or a special effects box. It's like a problem with the mate painting.

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Revealing mistake: When Luke jumps from Jabba's prisoner's skiff over to another skiff, if you watch Lando hanging underneath the prisoner's skiff, you can easily see that he is a matte painting in this shot, because he doesn't move at all.

Visible crew/equipment: When C-3PO is on the conveyor belt, if you look in the reflection in his head you can see the camera crew.

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New today Suggested correction: Wrong film, this happens in The Empire Strikes Back.

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Darth Vader: Obi-Wan once thought as you do. You don't know the power of the dark side.

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Trivia: When filming ROTJ, Lucas didn't want anyone to find out that they were shooting the third Star Wars movie, because pandemonium could break out. So when someone asked the crew what they were filming, they said "Blue Harvest". All of the crew had shirts and hats that said Blue Harvest on them. The fictitious film's tagline was "Horror beyond imagination."

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