Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Revealing mistake: When Luke is being fed to the Rancor, in Jabba the Hutt's dungeon, there are black outlines around the beast's legs, from the composite's blue screen special effect. This was edited out in the special edition rerelease.

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Suggested correction: This was not a "mistake". The outlines showing around the beast's leg were due to the limited CGI technology at the time the film was made. With advances in special effects in the following decades, the filmmakers were able to enhance the CGI quality in later releases.


But it is a mistake to show that the Rancor is not real, and the outlines show that. It's certainly not intentional.


Not sure what you mean that the rancor is not real. Of course it's not real. The issue is, at that time, it was not technically possible to show the beastie without the lines showing. I classify a mistake as something that was not intentional. In this case, it was, due to the limitations of CGI in the 1980s.


Continuity mistake: When Luke removes Vader's mask, Anakin's eyebrows have been removed in the 2004 DVD. However, a part of his left eyebrow can still be seen in some shots, and it even changes size a few times. (01:55:50)

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Suggested correction: It's not part of his eyebrow. It's a shadow.

Trivia: When Luke and Obi-Wan are talking after Yoda's death, Luke refers to him as Obi-Wan. This is the only time in any of the movies that he uses that name instead of Ben.

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Suggested correction: If you are saying that this is the only time Luke refers to him as Obi-Wan, then yes, this is true. But if you are saying this is the only time Luke has ever said Obi-Wan, then you are incorrect; Luke uses the name Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first movie when explaining why he was so far from home.

Revealing mistake: When Han Solo lifts his hands up and he spots the Walker that Chewie and two Ewoks are in, one of his hands is transparent, and the trees are visible through his hand.

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Suggested correction: They are not transparent. What you are seeing is glare from the bright sky in the background. You can see other ghost images matching the bright white portions of the shot. Besides, there would be no reason for it to be transparent. It appears to be a fully on-location shot with no compositing.

Completely not true. You can see the trees through his hands; therefore, they are transparent.

Look closer. There is a white ghost image that matches the bright white sky, offset to the left and rotated slightly. And why would the hand be transparent? This is not a composite shot.

While it's not a composite shot, that would mean that the shot of the imperial officer yelling "freeze" in the original version wouldn't have been transparent. But it's not a composite shot too, therefore, they are transparent.


This comment makes no sense. What Imperial officer are you referring to and what does it have to do with this shot? And if this isn't a composite shot, which you seem to be admitting, why would the hand be transparent? Do you think Harrison Ford's hand actually became see-through?

Trivia: Anakin Skywalker's first name is first mentioned in this film. His name comes from a friend of George Lucas, British film director Ken Annakin.

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Suggested correction: Actually his first name first revealed in Empire Strikes Back when he is on call with the Emperor. He says, "I have no doubt that this boy is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker."

Anakin's name was not used in the original release of "The Empire Strikes Back", therefore the trivia is correct. George Lucas retconned the special edition release and added "Anakin." Originally Luke was referred to as the "son of Skywalker."


Revealing mistake: After the Rebels break into the bunker, a Rebel in the background punches an officer. But if you watch closely or play it in slow motion, the Rebel's hand never comes into contact with the officer's face. (01:33:25)

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Suggested correction: If you have to use slow motion to see something, it's not a mistake.


It says "if you watch closely OR play it in slow motion." It is perfectly visible at normal speed.


Stupidity: Leia was carrying a handheld bomb. Yet she doesn't think to bring it with her later on while freeing Han.


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Suggested correction: Novels from the Expanded Universe make it clear that with the exception of guards, nobody is allowed to carry weaponry in Jabba's Palace.


Stupidity: When trapped in the net, Luke asks Han if he can reach his lightsaber. Han says that he can, but turns out he can't. Luke has the force. Why doesn't he just use it to make the lightsaber fly into his hand instead of having Han reach for it in vain?

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Suggested correction: The way they were stuck in the net, Luke's hands weren't free for him to force reach, he would not have been able to grab the lightsaber had he used the force.

Jedi don't need their hands in order to Force-reach. Most of them just choose to do it, as a way of focusing. Luke later lifts C-3PO in front of the Ewoks (to make them think the droid is a god), even though he is tied to a stick.

True, but read the whole comment, Luke's hands weren't free to grab the saber so a force reach would have been pointless.

Suggested correction: They were in it for mere seconds before R2 cut the rope, and they fell. Luke just didn't have time to think of forcepulling it.


Then it makes it a stupidity if Luke doesn't think to use the force.


In those few seconds they were in the trap? Hardly.


If Luke had enough time to ask Hans if he could grab his lightsaber, then yes.


Close enough.


Revealing mistake: In many of the scenes taking place in outer space, if you look closely you can see polygon borders surrounding space vehicles (X-Wings, Star Destroyers, and even the Death Star) indicating the objects being superimposed into the outer space background. [This mistake may only apply to the Blu Ray version.]


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Yoda: When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not.

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Trivia: When Oola the dancing girl (with those two things growing out of the back of her head) is trying to get away from Jabba, she briefly falls out of the top of her costume. It isn't as visible in the letterbox version, but quite visible in the regular version.

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Question: After Anakin becomes Darth Vader, he seems ruthless, actually evil. "From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!" Is just one quote. That being the case, this movie makes it seem like Anakin knows that he's evil and wishes he wasn't. Basically, my question is, why didn't Anakin turn on Palpatine sooner? Or simply leave the Sith?

Answer: Darth: "Obi-Wan once thought as you do. You don't know the power of the dark side. I must obey my master." It's implied that the dark side is intoxicating, once you totally give in to the dark side it has a hold on you, and appeals to morality and rationalization are useless against your lust for its power. (On a symbolic level, the dark side is a metaphor for vice. Darth Vader is an addict and abusive parent. It's actually funny how many scenes still make sense if you replace "the dark side" with "the bottle" or similar).


If we bring the prequels into it, it's one of the criticisms of those films that they only make the question of how much Anakin is a "true believer" more confusing. But it stands to reason that at first Anakin may feel vindicated in his resentment toward the Jedi. Later on, Vader may not feel that as strongly, but by then his anger has turned toward himself for failing to save Padme. He may feel that a man as terrible as he does not deserve to be "rescued" from the dark side, leading to a feedback loop where he only gets further enamored with its power and does more evil things which causes him to hate himself even more, and so it goes.


Answer: Anakin was seduced by the emperor to think that the Jedi were evil. This was partly fueled by anger &fear, thinking Padme would die if Palpatine didn't help save her. After he turned to Darth Vader & joined the dark side, he eventually realised the true nature of the Emperor, but he was to weak to do anything about it. Darth Vader still wanted to rule the galaxy, but didn't want the emperor controlling everything. He just wanted to use Luke to help overthrow the emperor and take over the galaxy. It wasn't until he found out he had a daughter also, and saw Luke about to die by the hands of the emperor, that he realised that Luke was right & he needed to switch sides.


Vader was not just using Luke to kill the Emperor. He actually did want to rule the galaxy as father and son - if Luke would turn to the Dark Side, that is.

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